The winter holidays may be what you immediately think of when you are considering buying gifts for your friends and family members. There are so many other reasons that you may want to purchase a gift, however, including birthdays and even gifts for someone just because you were thinking of him or her. You may be tired of purchasing the same old gifts of t-shirts, mugs, and candy; and want to try something new this year for them. With that in mind, consider one of the five fun gift ideas that can be found in the list that is provided below.

1. Board Games

There are constantly new board games coming out, so what better gift to get your friends and family members than a brand new board game that you can actually play together. Even the quality time that you will ain from playing the board game can become a gift on its own for your loved ones. Consider the personalities of the individuals who are the recipients, as you can get a fun party game for those who are comical. A more classic game such as a new word game may be the best for your loved ones who are more introverted or serious in their demeanor.

2. Care Packages

If you have a long-distance friendship, or if your family members live far away from you, create a care package of some form as a gift for them. You can make a package out of their favorite snacks and candies to keep them happy. You could also try a care package that contains items that will help them to relax like a new book, a new pair of slippers, or some bath bombs for the tub. There are endless possibilities, but you could use sites like Pinterest to find your own ideas for the package.

3. Custom Art

There are so many artists who have come out with so many more new ideas to help you cherish your family memories. You can have an artist create a custom illustration for a family that you love or even for a friend that is made from a picture of you and him or her. You can also have an artist create a design based on the name of your loved one that they can hang in their home. You can even pay for a photo session if your loved ones would enjoy it so that they could make their own custom prints.

4. Personalized Jewelry

Personalized jewelry is a great gift idea for you and your loved ones. You can purchase a necklace or a bracelet that has the name or initials of your loved one on it so that they have something unique to them. There is also jewelry that you can create that says a phrase of your choosing, but the phrase is made out of your handwriting. This is especially memorable when you do not get to see your loved ones as often as you would like to see them.

5. Unique Clocks

Though the world is turning more digital, a great gift idea for any home, especially as a housewarming gift, is a unique clock. You can buy a German cuckoo clock for your loved one that has a traditional look to it and makes noise. You can also choose a clock that is made from something that has been repurposed such as a hubcap if you have a mechanic in your family. Your loved one can then choose to put the clock up wherever they would like to in their homes to give them a unique decor item in a room.

Final Thoughts

You do not have to wait for a specific holiday to give your loved ones a gift that counts. Consider something unique for your loved ones so that they can truly cherish whatever you may give to them for a long time. Consider a game you can play together, a piece of jewelry that will showcase your memories together, or even a piece of art that is unique to them. Purchase home decor like a clock for them if they are going to a new home or have a quirky personality as well.

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