Sometimes, your child may get picky and not want to eat certain foods. However, you can’t let a kid eat sweets and fast food all day, so you need to think about healthy food options. If you pack a lunch for your child every day, you can give him or her these five healthy snacks to keep your child full while also offering something good.

Apple Slices

Fruits are a nice addition to most lunches since they can provide some needed vitamins while also offering a bit of sugar. Apple slices are a common option for children’s lunchboxes. Since standard apples can be difficult to eat, slicing them into pieces can make it easier for your child to eat and enjoy them during lunch.

Even if your child doesn’t like to eat apples independently, you can easily add some caramel to the mix. Let your child enjoy this common mix, so he or she can eat some apples while having a bit of caramel. Of course, if your child doesn’t like this, you can always try another fruit instead.

Dark Chocolate

Believe it or not, your child can enjoy a bit of dark chocolate from time to time. Compared to milk chocolate, dark chocolate is a bit more bitter, but it’s better from a health perspective. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should give your child tons of dark chocolate, but adding it occasionally to the lunchbox can be nice.

You can even find some dark chocolate with liver health supplement in it. This means your child can enjoy something nice while also eating a supplement that could help his or her liver. If your child doesn’t like bitter tastes, he or she may not like dark chocolate, but it wouldn’t hurt to try it out.


Yogurt stands out as another sweet yet nice option for your child. Yogurt has some good nutrients, especially if you purchase some yogurt with fruit chunks. You also have the opportunity to give your child greek yogurt with some nuts or granola to make it into a crunchy and healthy combination during lunch.

If you plan to give your child yogurt, make sure you add an ice pack to the lunch. You never know if it will get too warm for the yogurt since bacteria can develop when it’s exposed to heat. Due to this, you should add an ice pack to the lunchbox to avoid this problem.

Trail Mix

If you don’t want to go with something cold, you can also give your child some trail mix. Trail mix stands out since it can be a healthy snack with an excellent combination of nuts, dried fruit, and other items. That way, your child can quickly go through the trail mix and eat whatever he or she wants.

If you give your child trail mix, you should be mindful of potential peanut allergies at the school. Ensure you contact the teacher or other school officials to ensure a child won’t have an allergic reaction to the nuts to help everyone remain safe and comfortable when they go to school.

Veggies and Ranch

Vegetables are another great source of nutrients, so you may want to put some in the lunchbox. Some kids may resist when it comes to vegetables, but you can figure out which ones your child likes the most. For example, some kids love carrots while others may enjoy some broccoli so that you can keep that in mind.

To add to this point, you can also pack some ranch with the lunch as a dipping item for the vegetables. The ranch might work since it tastes nice and goes well with carrots and broccoli. If you don’t want to use standard ranch, you can look for lighter options with fewer calories as a solid lunch alternative.


Kids can enjoy many healthy foods, especially if you pack something that tastes good and provides nutrients. Keeping your child healthy can help him or she have more energy and do better in school. Look into these healthy snack options, so your child can get full during lunch and enjoy a healthy meal.

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