If you’ve just purchased a brand new car, then you understand just how amazing that new car smell is. The smell of plastic and clean car seats is a scent many attempts to keep for as long as possible. However, the unfortunate reality is that new car smell tends to begin fading away within a few days of having your car. So, how can you preserve the fresh feel of a new car? Read on to learn about four essential steps you can begin taking right now before it’s too late.

Be Careful With Scents

One of the fastest ways to remove that new car smell is to start carrying around smelly foods such as pizza or burgers. These smells can be very intense and quickly seep into the fabric around the interior of the car. If you have to carry these types of foods, it is best to have your windows opened slightly to have some ventilation. You can also use air fresheners, although not everyone likes the strong smells of car air freshers. Fortunately, there is another option. By having a scent-free odor absorber within your car, you are able to remove many of the smells that begin to occur naturally without having to hang anything on your rearview mirror.

Use Covers and Mats

Spills and stains are inevitable, even without food. Tracking in water from swimming, snow and mud from boots, and dust from windy summers can cause deep stains that require reupholstering and more to fully remove later on. The best way to prevent this is to cover up what you can. Use seat covers to protect your seats, especially when you know you’re likely to track something in from certain activities, and make sure you have car floor mats down both in the front and back foot areas of your car. This will make cleaning much easier and allow you to quickly remove stained material and replace it with minimal cost.

Clean Your Vents and Filters

Cleaning your car vents is one of the easiest things you can do, but most drivers never pay too much attention to them until it’s too late. Dust, grime, and other outside pollutants can accumulate within your vents and filters, not only causing them to smell terrible but may potentially pose a danger to your health. It must be noted that you should never attempt to clean it with a rough bristle brush as it can damage your vents. Instead, seek a brush with soft bristles.

Vacuum Regularly

There’s no going around it; you are going to be bringing in dirt, mud, dog hairs, and so much more into your car. If you allow these items to settle for a long time, they can quickly begin to create a stale odor within your car. Not only that, but they can work their way around seat covers and mats if allowed to knock around too much within your car. That is why vacuuming on a regular basis is so important to keeping these smells and stains at bay.

Having a fresh, new car stay clean for years is absolutely possible. First, however, the right steps need to be taken. Clean regularly and take proactive steps to protect your seats and floors. Don’t leave things sitting in the car for long periods of time, especially trash and clutter. By doing this, your car will look and smell like new for a long time.