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Women and men want to look their best at all times. As they age, they may develop fine lines and wrinkles, acne, dark spots, and more. To correct these issues, some people choose to schedule a consultation for a chemical peel. As there is a peel for almost any skin type, this procedure helps countless men and women address skin blemishes. However, before choosing this option, a person needs to know what to expect.

Healthy Skin

Chemical peels should only be used on healthy skin. Although some individuals choose to have a peel when their skin isn’t at its best, healthy skin responds better to the treatment. Ask the dermatologist or technician how to provide the best surface for the peel. Find the best medspa near me and talk to them about what skincare treatments should be used to improve the health of the skin before the chemical peel procedure.

In-Depth Exfoliation

People should look at a chemical peel as in-depth exfoliation. The skin flakes off following the peel, allowing the new, healthy skin to shine. For those who wish to speed the peeling process to minimize downtime, certain products are available for this process. Speak to the technician to learn which products to use and which offer necessary micronutrients for the skin.

Skin Brighteners

Learn whether skin brighteners should be used before the procedure. Many doctors recommend them to suppress melanin production, as this helps to prevent dark spots following the procedure. Individuals with darker skin remain more prone to these spots, which is why doctors often recommend using them for two weeks prior to the chemical peel.


Chemical peels can only do so much. For example, a person with raised scarring should not expect the scar to be gone after the peel. It won’t remove blemishes such as this. Furthermore, it won’t remove all skin damage. What it can do is leave the skin brighter, tighter, and smoother for a younger appearance.

The Right Peel

Skincare professionals now have access to several peels. Speak to the technician to learn which option meets your needs. For example, a person who wants zero downtime will find a 70-percent lactic acid peel serves as the best option. With this product, the exfoliation process happens in the background. No peeling is visible.

Preparation is Key

Before starting the peel, the technician needs to clean the skin and remove any dead skin cells. This allows the peel to be applied directly to the skin for even results. If the technician skips this step, stop the procedure immediately and ask that they prepare the skin.

Body Peels

People often assume chemical peels are strictly for the face. However, they benefit those who have dark spots or acne on the chest, back, and hands. Some men and women request a chemical peel on the feet to leave them soft and touchable.

Repeat Sessions

Most patients find they need repeated sessions to get the desired results. The exception to this is the deeper TCA peel, which typically removes the desired blemishes with only one treatment. Skincare professionals work with their clients to find the right peel and determine the number of treatments required to get the preferred results.

Wear Sunscreen

Sunscreen is a necessity following a chemical peel. This ensures the results achieved by the peel are maintained. Choose a broad-spectrum product that is oil free and wear it under your makeup every day.

A chemical peel addresses many skincare issues. If you have yet to talk to your local medspa about this option, do so today. Glowing skin is possible with the help of this treatment, and you deserve nothing less. Learn more about chemical peels and their benefits to determine if one is right for you.