You likely know some expectant mothers or even those who have now had their baby and are considered first-time mothers. First-time mothers are sure to appreciate any help that they are given, and they appreciate any type of gift they are given. You can find nine great gift ideas for first-time mothers in your life in the list below.

1. Multipurpose Diaper Bags

You may think that diaper bags are too basic for a gift for a new mother. You can get multipurpose diaper bags now though that can even change into a small changing pad for when the mom is on the go. There are even some with technological advancements such as charging ports so that the new mothers can always be connected.

2. Relaxation Tools

If the new mother ever gets the chance to unwind and relax, she needs the right tools to do so. Get a nice smelling candle that is in her favorite scent. Purchase some bath bombs and even some epsom salt for the new mom to unwind in. If you can afford it, you can even buy her a day pass to her favorite spa.

3. Stain Remover

Stain remover may seem like one of those gifts that no one wants to buy, but this is one of the best gifts to get a new mother. A new baby uses the bathroom unexpectedly, and in many cases, vomits unexpectedly. A stain remover can get those stains out of bedding, baby clothing, and even the mother’s clothing.

4. Comfortable Shoes

When the new mother is pregnant, and when the baby is just born, she will likely be on her feet a lot. She deserves a nice pair of shoes for whatever season it is that have the support she needs to stay comfortable. Consider even a pair that molds to the new mom’s feet or that has a memory foam sole that will provide all the support.

5. Nursing Robes

You have likely heard of nursing bras, but there are also nursing robes that are comfortable for the new mother to wear as pajamas too. You can even purchase sets that include a soft blanket to wrap the new baby up while nursing. The robe also provides easy access to make the nursing process a breeze.

6. Baby Monitor

Baby monitors are made to give new mothers peace of mind when their baby is asleep or taking a nap. Choose a baby monitor that is easily portable so it can be taken on trips and one that is lightweight for easy carry. If the new mother is not good with technology, get one that can just plug into the wall and be ready to watch the new baby sleep.

7. Memory Book

A new mother is probably so excited for the new baby, but she may not realize how fast time goes. There are many memories to cherish as her child gets older, and a memory book is a perfect way to save those memories. You can even find ones that are gender-neutral and have a beautiful design so the new mother can display the book in her home.

8. Breast Pump

A breast pump is necessary for the working mom who is not always readily available to provide milk directly to her baby. Sometimes, even if the mother does not work, breastfeeding does not come at the time that the mother’s breasts need to release milk. With this in mind, consider a pump that is lightweight and easily portable so the mother can pump anywhere.

9. Pajamas

Pajamas are a necessary gift for the mother and for the new baby. You can purchase kickee pants pajamas which are made to be soft and stretchable to suit the needs of the baby that is always growing.

Final Thoughts

A new mother should not have to feel overwhelmed when she has the support of her loved ones. You can help to give her support by purchasing some of the gift ideas found in the list above. These are sure to give the mother a sense of relief and will be both practical and cute for the new family.