Hitting the gym? Make sure you are always prepared! If you’ve already got your fitness guides memorized, now you need to know what to bring. From something to ease muscle and joint pain you may incur to a spare pair of headphones, here are seven things to keep in your gym bag.

Water or Water Bottle

It is important that you stay hydrated at all times but especially important to keep yourself hydrated if you are working out at the gym. Most gyms have water fountains that gym-goers can use or use to fill up a water bottle. Use this to refill an empty water bottle that you can keep in your gym bag or bring your own to consume before, after, and throughout your workout. The HydroJug will help to keep your hydration level high!

Spare Headphones

Keep a pair of spare headphones in your gym bag at all times. They don’t have to be your favorite pair but a pair that will come in handy if you forget to grab yours or you have re-chargeable headphones that you may have forgotten to charge before getting to the gym. Some people prefer to exercise without headphones on but if you are someone who needs some to listen to something while at the gym, a spare pair of headphones that you leave in your gym bag will come in handy sooner or later!


A granola bar, protein bar, or a package of nuts are all options that will stay fresh for a long period of time and are great to have in your gym bag in case you are at the gym and low on fuel. Just like staying hydrated, it is imperative to have nutrients in your system while you are exercising. Don’t get caught without enough in your stomach to start or finish a workout by always having a quick snack with you. Just remember to replenish your snacks if you do consume them to always be prepared.

A Change of Clothes

Wardrobe malfunctions are very common at the gym as you will be moving around a lot, stretching, flexing, and more. Did you squat too low and rip your pants while at the gym? No problem if you remember to pack yourself a change of clothes. You can just head to the locker room or wherever your gym bag is located, make a quick change out of the clothing item that malfunctioned into one you have packed, and get back to what you are there to do!

Pain Relief Spray

Pain can hit you at any time especially if you are exerting yourself at the gym. Purchase a pain relief spray that will quickly relieve the pain you may experience. Use this mist on muscles and joints for temporary relief. While more significant injuries may require further medical attention, for more minimal aches and pains, keep this spray in your gym bag to have for yourself and even a workout buddy who may need it.


Having personal toiletries on hand while at the gym can be a lifesaver. Consider adding the following toiletries into your gym back and make sure to include even more if you plan to shower or get ready for your next event for the day.

  • Deodorant
  • Dry Shampoo
  • Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • Hair Brush
  • Face Wipes
  • Feminine Hygiene Products
  • Gym Towel

A Lock 

So your gym bag is full of essential items that may come in handy at the gym but where will your gym bag be safely stored while you are working out? Keep a lock in your gym bag and use it to keep your belongings locked in a locker at the gym. Especially during colder months where you may have more items and heavier items with you, storing your items will be a big help.

Don’t zip up your gym bag and head to crush your workout without these items and a lock to keep them all secure while you are exercising and bettering yourself! Spare headphones and a change of clothes may just come in handy one day. Stay hydrated, pack a snack, prepare for pain, and always have toiletries to use in a pinch.