Politics is how a group of people in a government makes decisions regarding power and the distribution of resources. Children do not understand the specifics because of how complex the matter is. They pick up information about politics from the adults around them and the conversations they have. As an adult, you need to find simple ways to explain what politics is, and you have to deliver it to them in a way they will understand. Below are some ways you can teach your children about politics for their limited minds to understand.

Decision Making

Children may not comprehend what goes on in politics, but they know about fairness and justice. Teaching kids decision-making can be challenging, but it is essential. You can help them understand that the decisions they make affect them and those around them. You can use simple techniques like creating opportunities where they can make their own decisions, such as choosing what color spoon to use or what clothes to wear. When doing this, praise them for their choices, encouraging them to make good decisions. This way, they feel that their choices matter and they will know decision-making is essential.


Voting is the civil duty of every citizen, and it is essential because your opinions matter. You can take your child with you when you cast your vote and explain the importance of voting. There are popular news articles that encourage parents to allow children to make some decisions at home on matters involving them. It helps to encourage children to think for themselves. A decision about where to take a vacation can be made based on voting. The kids should participate, then you should later explain how and why the majority vote wins. Generally, children tend to understand best when they are involved in activities. Your children can also learn about voting through popular news articles.

Listen to Both Sides

Kids, like adults, have arguments and misunderstandings of their own, and just like the justice system, they need a mediator and fair judgment. When trying to solve children’s issues, you should let them know you will have an open mind to listen to both parties before deciding on an appropriate punishment. By doing this, you are helping to promote peace by not picking favorites. In politics, time is given to allow both parties to present and plead their case through debates before making a final decision. Through this method of solving arguments, you get to teach them that politics is about fairness, and both parties have a right to tell their story before a decision is reached.

The Truth Can Handle Good Questions

When your children understand that good questions always reveal the truth or a lie, they will be open to asking a question in any situation. They should know that there is freedom of speech, and telling the truth will always set you free. Every citizen can ask questions on things they do not understand in the political scene, and they deserve answers. You, as an adult, need to emulate this in your home by being open and answering their questions. Do not brush off a question or lie to your children to avoid answering the hard questions.

Don’t Be Afraid to Talk About Controversial Issues

There are so many controversial issues that may be too hard for children to understand. The world of politics has so many good things regarding inclusivity, but some problems are too much to handle. There is the issue of injustices and wrongful use of power for personal benefits. Children need to know that it happens in the real world, and as the parent, it is your responsibility to inform them. You are your child’s first teacher, and they learn from you what’s right and what’s wrong.

In conclusion, politics is a vast topic, and it keeps changing and advancing over time. It is crucial to teach children at a young age the importance of politics and how taking part in things like voting makes a difference. You can use politics to solving arguments through critical thinking and being fair. Involving others in decision-making through voting and debates is a way to maintain peace among a group of people. They can emulate politics in their day-to-day lives, and they can make the world a better place in their little ways.

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