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Summer is meant for fun in the sun, and we all need more than the perfect bathing suit or swimming trunks. There are some summertime clothing essentials that can carry your family through the season, so all you have to do is reach for them, instead of standing in the closet for an hour trying to decide what to wear. Our shopping experts have a list of family fashion items to consider:

Athleisure Wear

When leggings and yoga pants have replaced jeans as the most popular clothing item out there, then it’s quite obvious that athleisure wear remains a huge preference. Colorful, athletic pieces that feature moisture-wicking fabrics are another plus during the summer season. Your kids will love the bright colors to choose from in shorts, tanks, tees, etc. Moms and dads will also find a large assortment of pieces to put on for that fashionable fit and function. Some women like to mix and match their leggings with non-sportswear pieces to make their outfits more versatile. You have a lot of options here. Did you know that by the year 2026, the athleisure wear industry is expected to reach a value of more than $250 billion?

Easy-Breezy Fabrics

When the temps heat up and the sun is shining brightly, you don’t want to be building up a sweat. It’s not only important that your summer clothing essentials are super-comfy but also made from fabrics that are light and loose and give you room to breathe. That’s where the sleeveless summer frock comes in handy in mini, midi or maxi lengths. Pretty sundresses in colorful prints can take you from day into evening with just the right amount of polished style and versatility.

Tote Bag

If you’re stuck with carrying around every family member’s summer essentials, then you need a good tote bag. That way you can stash away your phone, sunscreen, water bottles, snacks, a few small toys, etc. Look for a roomy tote that has multiple pockets inside that make it easy for you to find your wallet and other main stuff. Tote bags come in all sizes and materials. Maybe you would prefer one in raffia to canvas or vinyl for your go-to carryall. Also, maybe your kids would like summer backpacks for camp or just hanging out this summer for toting around some of their things. There are backpacks made for those fab, fun, family hiking trips, too.


We’ve all been schooled enough times about the damaging effects that develop from the sun. That’s why a cool pair of shades for every family member is a must, and let’s be honest. Sunglasses give every individual that personal flair. Children enjoy choosing their own color and style of sunglasses, so let them be in on the purchase when you go shopping. Adults also love their shades, and maybe your man is a classic Ray-Bans wearer. Just make sure that you buy sunglasses that are quality made and offer superb protection from the strong UV rays.

If you’re looking for that timeless pair, fashion designer Michael Kors says that aviator lenses look cool and glamorous on everyone and never ever go out of style. Kors wears them, too, all the time. Stars like Angelina Jolie, Padma Lakshmi, Drake, Jennifer Aniston and Hugh Jackman all sport aviator shades.


It doesn’t matter what age you are, every family member needs a hat during summer. Make sure that it’s a hat that is comfortable and attractive to the person wearing it. If your kids don’t like the style of the hat you give them, they probably won’t wear it for too long. Hats are protective from the sun’s powerful UVA/UVB rays and come in handy in any kind of inclement weather. From baseball caps to bucket hats too big, floppy straw hats, there is something for everyone. Some hats even come with built-in UV protection.


School’s out, it’s finally summer, and the family is on the move! We’re sure you’ll be active going places, having adventures and maybe hanging out in your backyard. Whatever the moment calls for, comfort is number one when it comes to fashion for the entire family.