An example of someone embarking on a career with great benefits.

If you’re considering a career change, you may be thinking about trying to find something with better benefits. A good benefits package can significantly stretch your total compensation and provide you with more safety and security in your life. Here are four booming career fields that offer great benefits.


As healthcare continues to grow as an industry, nurses are in higher demand than ever. In addition to generous compensation, steady work and the potential for ample overtime, nursing tends to come with good benefits. Most hospital systems offer free health insurance to their nurses, and many will help with student loan repayments. Becoming a nurse also gives you the chance to advance in the healthcare industry, potentially allowing you to start a very lucrative career.

Private Security

In these tumultuous times, more and more businesses are hiring private security guards to help protect their facilities and staff. Security work tends to come with a generous package of benefits, including health insurance and a well-funded pension. Working as a security guard also gives you the chance to work essentially anywhere, since businesses all over the country are hiring aggressively for security personnel.

Data Analytics

In today’s increasingly data-driven world, data analysts are in high demand. As a result, companies are willing to be unusually generous in terms of both salary and benefits for qualified analysts. If you have a computer science or mathematical background, you can likely build your skills in this field fairly quickly. Data analytics can be a bit challenging to break into, but you’ll have excellent job prospects once you do.


With technologies changing and more competition in the market than ever before, skilled engineers are at a huge premium for businesses. In addition to the high pay that has always been associated with an engineering degree, companies today are quite generous with benefits for engineers. Pensions, healthcare, employee stock ownership programs and quarterly bonuses are all part of the standard package for modern engineers. If you have a technical or engineering degree, you’ll likely be able to take advantage of the boom and secure a lucrative position.

These are just a few of the booming career fields that offer generous benefits packages, but they’re also among the best. If you’re looking for better benefits, now is the time to act. Companies are competing aggressively for talent, and you can likely find a good job that fits your needs while the labor shortage lasts.