An example of a remodeled kitchen.

Kitchens are the heart of many homes, so it’s not surprising that they are the first room to be renovated during a remodel. There are many ways to enhance the room’s storage capabilities to organize food, dishes, and cookware conveniently and attractively. Here are some popular ways to get stylish extra space from your home’s kitchen upgrade.

Install an Island with Cupboards

A lovely kitchen island adds extra workspace and cooking area if you wish. An island can also be equipped with storage areas for your kitchen utensils and bakeware. Choose a design with plenty of space for a crockpot, baking pans, fryer, blender, and other important appliances that make cooking easier and more convenient. Your island cupboards can also hold dry goods and dishes. Choose a design that coordinates with your other kitchen cupboards for a fresh, streamlined look.

Add Wall Shelves

During your kitchen remodeling project, consider installing new wall shelves with elegant design. They can add a classy touch to the room while serving a useful purpose. Stack colorful plates or cloth napkins that are attractive enough to be visible. You might want to add a potted plant or a stack of cookbooks as appealing accents to the shelves and the room. Kitchen-themed figurines are another creative way to make use of the shelving.

Buy a Stand-Alone Pantry

A nice thing about independent pantries is that they can be moved to different locations whenever you feel like it. Choose an aesthetic design that works with the kitchen’s theme and cupboard’s style, such as light oak or painted wood. Pantries are great for storing food, dishes, cleaning supplies, and other items, so they will be handily available when needed. You can highlight the outside of the pantry with decorative ribbons or flowers as well as setting it on an accent rug.

Reface or Replace Older Cupboards

If your current kitchen cupboards are fading or damaged, it may be time to reface them or replace them. Refacing the cupboard doors is cheaper than replacing the whole cupboard. But if the interior has problems, you will probably want to invest in a new set. There are many styles and designs to choose from, so you can find exactly what you want for your kitchen. Look for cupboards with extra storage space. These might be deeper or wider than the ones you have now. You can also reorganize the interior shelving to be horizontal rather than vertical for storing dishes, which can provide more space.

Have fun with your kitchen remodel by enhancing the type and amount of storage you want. Abundant storage options can keep your kitchen orderly and provide a helpful selling point for a possible future sale.