an example of a home being repaired.

Remodeling your home gives you a chance to update and upgrade it, as well as to add features you’ve always wanted. Before you get your remodel underway, though, there are some basic repairs you should consider making first. Here are four of the key repairs your home should undergo before you remodel it.

Roof Repair

If your current roof is nearing the end of its life, you’ll probably want to have it replaced before starting to remodel. Few things will frustrate you more than spending thousands of dollars to get your home just the way you want it only to have to deal with water damage because of an old roof. A new roof will keep your home dry and secure, allowing you to remodel without worrying about future water issues.


Many remodels involve adding or updating electrical fixtures. Before you start this process, you may want to consider rewiring the house. This step likely won’t be necessary for newer homes, but older houses often have wiring that’s outdated and in need of replacement. Bring in an electrician, see what needs to be done and get your home’s wiring in order before you start to remodel. If you think you might want to add light fixtures or other electronics during your remodel, you may also want to have wiring run to support them during this step.

Foundation Repair

Cracks, bowing or other foundation issues can cause major structural problems if not addressed quickly. Before you remodel, you should fix any foundation issues that are currently present. If taken care of early, foundation repair can be a relatively simple and affordable process. If you let the problems persist, though, expect to pay much higher prices down the line.

Subfloor Repair

In some older houses, you may have to repair or replace the subfloor and joists that are underneath the surface flooring you see. This isn’t always necessary, but it might come up if you’re restoring an older home to its former glory. Damaged areas in the subfloor may undermine new flooring materials or become unsafe to walk on over time. If there are any such areas in your house, get them repaired before you begin remodeling so that there’s a solid base to put your new flooring on.

By making these four repairs, you can get your home ready for your dream remodel. Not all houses will need these repairs, but they’re worth making if any of them apply to your home.