Even if you love your partner very much and feel a deep connection between the two of you, there will still be times when you will struggle to understand one another. Every relationship has its ups and downs. It’s up to you and your partner to make sure you have more good days than bad ones. Life changes can take a toll on relationships, and this past year has been difficult for virtually everyone. If you notice that you and your significant other are not getting along as well as you used to, here are five things to try that may help.

Make Time for Each Other

If you want to continue maintaining closeness with your partner, it’s essential to make time for one another. Even if you designate a time late at night to talk to have uninterrupted conversations with your partner when the kids are asleep, this small gesture can show your significant other how much you value them. If you’re not able to visit your favorite restaurant to go out to dinner, you can order takeout and have a candlelight dinner at home. If you’re not able to book a vacation this year, you can find a local park and enjoy the walking trails while you spend quality time together. It’s important that you make time to connect with your partner so the two of you can better insight into how to meet each other’s emotional needs.

Respect Each Other’s Differences

If your relationship is struggling, it may be because you are trying to change your partner or they are trying to change you. It’s crucial to remember why you fell in love in the first place by recalling the things that make your partner stand out. If you’re soft-spoken and your significant other is outgoing, respect the fact that they need social interaction to thrive, even if that’s not part of your personality. If your partner needs lots of quality time with you and you need time alone to recharge after intense emotional exchanges, it’s important to be aware of and respectful of this so you’ll know how to relate to each other. When you and your mate celebrate each other for who you are, it will be easier to see the beauty in your relationship.

Prioritize Intimacy

When you and your significant other initially got together, chances are you always wanted to be close to one another. Over time, life changes such as having children or a stressful job may have reduced your desire for intimacy. Sexual health should be a priority in your relationship. Intimacy helps you learn to trust your partner and makes it easier for you to be vulnerable with them. If you find that your sex drive is not as high as it used to be because of stress, hormonal changes, or conflict in your relationship, it may be time to visit a sex therapist. If you live in the Miami area, check out sexual therapist Miami options to help get your relationship on the right track.

Have Fun Together

When you have financial obligations and children to raise, it can be easy to forget that you and your partner need to make time to have fun together. Think about the activities you enjoyed in the early stages of your relationship and try to recreate these experiences as much as possible. Learn about any new interests your partner has and plan activities with both of your hobbies in mind. Even if you watch a funny movie together or have a virtual game night with friends, spending time laughing together will help you enjoy each other’s company.

Be Polite and Courteous

We often use our manners with strangers but forget to be courteous to our partners because we are familiar with them. Be polite to your mate by expressing thanks when they do you a favor or do something that makes family life a little easier. A simple ‘thank you’ or ‘I appreciate you’ goes a long way.

These tips may be easier said than done at times, but they make a huge difference in how you see your significant other. When you make an effort to strengthen the bond you two share, your relationship will become more fulfilling with time. Using effective tactics for communication and enhancing intimacy can also help you navigate through the difficult times you may face in the future and increase the chances that you and your mate will be able to withstand any obstacles you face.