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Good working conditions can be defined in a lot of ways; from hygiene and cleanliness to the scheduling and autonomy of your employees, there’s a lot you have to see to to create a positive working environment. And because of these very standards, we need to look a little closer at our own small business teams, and define just how well we’re doing as a leader. 

And to do that, it’s key to look in the three areas below. As a small business looking to make it big, you’re going to be continuously making changes to your working setup, but let’s make sure they’re the right choices. 

Your Working Atmosphere

How does it feel to walk into your office? Do your employees drag their feet on entering, and are clearly unhappy? Or are they clearly fulfilled and obviously enjoy their work? Because the latter is the sign you’ve got a positive, healthy working atmosphere within your company, and it’s the only acceptable atmosphere for the modern worker. 

Your employees need to be able to communicate socially, have ample space (and privacy) for each and every one of them, as well as have defined, proper break areas to use. It’s also a good idea to offer a flexible working setup too. 

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Your Health and Safety Practices

Health and safety is something you have to go by the book with; you need to be sure that you and your employees are always safe at work, and that any potential hazards are foreseen and prepared for. It’s the number one thing you should do as a business leader. 

Indeed, a workplace that isn’t safe will violate many rules and regulations, and any health inspector will spot them as soon as they walk through the door. Most of all, to ensure that you harbour good working conditions within your business, you’ll want to look into process safety hazards, as many small businesses don’t realise their warehouse portion is far less safe and sustainable than they’re led to believe. 

Your Job Security and Satisfaction

Job security and job satisfaction are two things that go hand in hand; when an employee feels like they can’t be fired for the smallest issue, they’re going to be a lot more satisfied in the way they work. They’re going to work harder and smarter, rather than just tow the line, feeling like they’ll never get anything back from the workplace around you. 

And as a small business, which type of worker do you need more of right now? It’s definitely the former; you’ve got a lot of company to grow, and you need skilled and dedicated people to help make that happen. So, refine your contract, promise a good salary, and understand the industry around you. 

As a business leader, good working conditions should be at the top of your priority list. Make sure you’re striving to make the workplace better for your employees, and set the standard for others in your community to follow.