an example of a remodeled kitchen.

Remodeling a home is all about making it more utilitarian and attractive. It can be easy to focus on how to make it more appealing more than how to update the nuts and bolts that make a home functional. Living in luxury means not just aesthetics, but also upgrading convenience and livability. If you are planning to renovate your home, consider these four upgrades if needed that can make your house safer as well as more stylish.


Check your gutters and downspouts for cracks, holes, tears, or twists that can deter their usefulness. Older materials can show signs of rust or disconnected segments. Your home remodeling project could be the perfect time to have new gutters installed to channel precipitation from the roof to the ground without working its way into your house. Covered gutters can help to keep leaves and twigs from getting stuck and backing up the water flow from the roof. High quality gutters can make a surprisingly big difference in the rainy season and can even be a strong aesthetic component of your home’s exterior.


Inside, inspect the floors to see if it’s time for new carpeting, tile, or refinished wood flooring. Any room can look more impressive with updated flooring that coordinates with the room’s décor. Remember to include each room’s baseboards when figuring out what supplies will be needed or if you are requesting an estimate from professionals. When planning new floors for more than one room, try to buy them at the same time for a possible discount and to reduce delivery costs.


New lighting brightens every area of the home. Switching from recessed lights to suspended lamps or a chandelier can change the entire vibe of a room. If you are working with a theme for your remodeling work, look for light fixtures and designs that will fit the theme in each room and with each other throughout the house. Consider the type of illumination you want for every area, such as soft, diffused light for bedrooms, track lighting for workspaces or recreational areas, and wall sconces for mood lighting in the family room or dining room.


Tackle practical needs in your home during the renovation, such as waterproofing the basement. You can prevent moisture seepage and mold growth by having the basement sealed. While many homeowners handle this job themselves, it can be messy and odorous. So, it might be more convenient to let the pros do the work for you. In either case, waterproofing can help prevent damage of all kinds and make your home more pleasant to live in.

Make the most of your home renovation by including essential upgrades that will help to protect your home and its residents. Keeping moisture outside and attractive designs inside will make your house even more comfortable and welcoming. Before you draft your remodel plans, spend some time investigating your home. You might find some issue with your home’s exterior, with the basements, or even a feature like flooring or light, that will be worth investigating.

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