Coloring, cuts, styling, waxing, manicures, and pedicures: these are the bare-bones basic services available at just about every salon in the United States. However, if you’re only offering basic services, you tend to maintain only a basic list of clientele at your salon. Attracting new clients and expanding the funds brought in by current clients can be achieved by introducing new service options to your salon’s current list of services. Here’s a list of services to expand any salon’s list of services.

Hair Services, Non-Color:

Hair appointments are a massive part of every salon’s revenue. Every man and woman alike wants to have a great hair day every day. So adding new services into the current service options is a great way to expand. Here are a few ideas to consider.

  • Special Occasion Styling: From prom to banquets and weddings, there are plenty of formal hair styling needs out there in high demand. Offering services, especially for formal and special events, is an easy expansion option.
  • Hair extensions: Most women would love to have long, flowing locks, no matter what racial background they’re from. Incorporating any variety of extension options is an expansion option for every salon’s clientele. There are several extension possibilities you could provide, such as fusion, tape-in, and sewn extensions among others.
  • Deep Conditioning Treatments: Using nutrition fortified conditioners to enhance the healthiness of a client’s hair has many benefits. These treatments can add shine, repair damage, and restore or even add beauty and health to your client’s hair.
  • Trim Ups for Bangs or Neck Hair: Many clients want these areas trimmed regularly without needing the rest of their hair affected. These simple services are can enhance your revenue little by little. Hey, every penny counts, right?

Hair Services, Color:

Hair dyeing, highlights, lowlights, and any other hair color services are an industry standard for stylists. But there are much lesser-known or even unconsidered expansion possibilities that your salon could implement to your services along with those you already provide.

  • Root Smudging: This is a coloring technique that uses a darker color than the dyed or lighter hair that enhances the depth of the hair at the roots.
  • Gloss Treatments: Using a colorless toner that adds shine and glossiness to your client’s hair. This can be used as an add-on application to any color treatment or it can be a standalone service.
  • High Fashion Color: Bright, bold, and beautiful hair colors are all the rage right now from hot pink to vivid violet and nearly navy to jaw-dropping jade. Alternatively, pastel hair colors are popular as well, such as lavender or lilac, silver, peach, and baby pink. Don’t forget to inform those your clients that pastel colors often require a hair to be lightened significantly beforehand.
  • Color Locking: An additive for color treatment services that bonds the color into the hair and extends the life and liveliness of color treatment. This is another option that can be a standalone service but would be more practical if presented as an add-on to coloring services.

Beauty Services

Outside of hair, there are a number of services that a salon can provide to clients who want to enhance their beauty. Most salons offer maybe one or two of this type of service, facial waxing for example. Why limit your clients’ salon experience when there are so many more options available?

  • Permanent Make-Up: Imagine if your client never had to apply eyeliner driving to work again. Or what if she had perfectly lined lips every day. She’d be raving to her friends about your salon. Check out the best permanent makeup machine for your salon.
  • Brow Tinting: Typically, colored hair means mismatched hair and brows. So why not offer a service that compliments your clients’ eyebrows to their hair color? Offer the option as an add-on to color treatment services or provide the option as a standalone service.
  • Eyelash Extensions: Provide your clientele with long, lush, and lovely lashes. There are so many ladies who would love to see this service become available at their favorite salons.