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Do you feel like your home’s interior decoration needs a bit of a makeover but you’re all out of inspiration for it? Professional interior designers suggest that you should change your decoration every three or five years to maintain interest and create new inspiration, so we have brought together five popular trends for this summer. 


Cottage core developed throughout the 2010s and is associated with millennial and Gen Zed people, but that doesn’t mean older generations can’t use the style as well, the cottage core community is very diverse. Essentially, this style romanticizes rural life.

To make your home cottage core you will need to invest in simple colors, shapes and patterns. Use patterned wallpaper – perhaps as an accent wall to give it a modern feel as well. Introduce wooden furniture with a rustic look and wooly cushions for the sofa. 

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You might not have heard the word “Japandi ” before, it’s a portmanteau of Japan and Scandi – also short for Scandinavia. The word describes the style which also blinds together two things: the Japanese and Scandanavian interior decoration aesthetics. 

On the Japanese side, you get rustic minimalism with lots of dark wood, straight lines and pared-down furniture. On the Scandi side you get functionality, everything has its place, and the idea of “hygge” coziness, comfort and happiness in the home

Traditional Furniture 

When you redecorate your home this summer you’ll need some furniture to deck it out with, but not just any furniture, you need pieces that speak to the design ideals at the core of your design layout. There’s no point in putting Japandi furniture in a cottage care home. 

But if you like the rustic look and for more other popular interior design styles you should look at traditional furniture and mirrored furniture. Traditional and mirrored furniture is well made, functional, and elegant. Traditional furniture contrasts nicely with modern aesthetics. 

Earth Tones 

One thing that never goes out of style is earth tones, even if interior designers tell you it was so last year. Earth Tones such as chocolate brown, moss green, taupes, and murky mustards all take inspiration from the outdoors and deliver it to your home. 

Earth tones are perfect to use in family rooms and communal areas where people relax. The combination of these colors has an inviting mood and a calming effect, they also complement a variety of furniture styles and diverse decor ideas. 


There are two types of interior design decor, those with sharp lines and edges and those based on curves. What you choose is likely to be a matter of personal taste, but it can be interesting to look at what the other has to offer, even if it is for an infrequently room. 

Curves are an excellent choice coming into the summer, they mimic some of the nature outside and help to calm the mind. Curves are also a very social aesthetic as they create comfort and a feeling of relaxation. Compliment your curve with bright summer colors.