Creating a playroom for your children is a great way to give them a designated space for fun and keep toys from living all over your home. When it’s time to decorate, use a few tips to add personality and ease to your child’s space.

Choose Easy Floors

A playroom will have almost everything your child needs to have fun. Ensure the flooring is ready for whatever your child tries, whether it’s painting or Lego towers. Consider the fact that this floor will likely have cars and trains zoomed across it regularly. Choose an easy-to-clean floor, so tidying up spills and experiments won’t be stressful.

If you opt for a hard floor instead of carpet, you can always add color and comfort with strategically placed rugs. Rugs make a room feel comfier and can be easily washed if they get dirty. They are also more comfortable to sit on than tile or wood floors.

Create Stations

Before you know exactly what you need for the playroom, you need to know what activities your child will engage in within this space. After that, you can set up stations for different functions.

You can have one for art, one for blocks, one for dress-up, and one for puzzles. You can add as many stations as you need, but identifying these before you start decorating will help guide you to the right furniture and materials for each area. This is part of the design process and will help you imagine the room before it’s even finished.

Consider Furniture

Furnishing a playroom properly is key to its success. The furniture should be chosen with your children and their needs and personalities in mind. Modern kids’ furniture can even be customized to fit the style of your playroom. Bookcases, tables, and chairs can all live in a playroom, so a child will have various things to do in this space.

The right furniture makes a room easy to organize and should give the space an adequate flow. It helps create an ambient environment, making the furniture you choose one of the most important investments for your child’s playroom.

Practice Appealing Organization

A playroom does not have to be a mess all the time. You can teach your kids how to keep their room clean with appealing organizational additions that make the process easier.

Have designated bins for items, preferably labeled. You can group like items, and you can teach your child to pick up one set of things before taking out another. Keeping the playroom organized will help your child truly know what he has to play with because it will be easy to find.

You can also use a color-coded system or put pictures on bins if your child is not reading yet. However, you choose to set up the system and make sure your child understands how it works to take ownership of the process.

Get Creative with Walls

You can splash bright colors on the walls or go with wallpaper that fits the style of the room. If you want to get more creative, use chalkboard paint on one wall, so your kids have a safe place to draw and design. This helps keep the other walls safe from spontaneous art displays.

Use pegboards to create a wall where art supplies can hang gracefully and within easy reach. A pegboard serves as an administrative area that is visually appealing and easy to maintain. It also doesn’t take up a lot of room.

You can even get your kids involved with wall art for the playroom. Have them pick favorite pictures they have created and feature them on a wall. You can hang them on a string across the wall or frame each one.

Consider Comfort

You want a playroom to be a place of comfort where your child will want to relax. That’s why you need to consider convenience in every aspect of decorating. Make sure seating is comfortable and the right size for your child. 

Add blankets and bean bags to create cozy corners where your child can lounge. If you think your child might want to nap in the playroom, make sure a nap mat with comfy pillows is available.

Decorating a playroom is a fun project that allows you to create a space with your child’s interests in mind.