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Relocating to your new home across the country is not easy and can be devastating, particularly when you don’t have the right tips. Moving involves all the stress you can imagine, but you can make it an exciting exercise with the right tips. You need to understand how to move across the country smoothly to take less time planning the relocation. The following are the top three tips to help your family relocate across the country.

1. Check Your Financial Status and Estimate the Cost of Shipping Your Car

Before you embark on your relocation across the country, ensure you take a thorough look at your financial status and your credit score. The expenses you’ll incur in your new home are bound to change, and you need to determine your ability to adapt financially. This is because the amount you previously spent on rent, healthcare, groceries, and gas are bound to change drastically. For instance, you’re likely to pay up to 45% more for rent in some states than in others. Therefore, you should search for the Cost of Living using platforms like Numbeo’s Cost of Living calculator. By understanding your financial status and the expected cost of different items, you can adequately prepare yourself. Also, ensure you check your credit score as it’s a requirement that is considered before a home is sold or rented to you.

Additionally, it’s paramount that you estimate the cost of shipping your car if you plan to move it across the country. You can connect with a car shipping service provider to help you estimate the cost. A professional company will be able to help guide you and tell you what you will need for your particular situation. Particularly, shipping is the best alternative to evade surpassing the allocated miles if you have leased your car. Shipping would also help avoid unnecessary wear and tear on your leased car. According to HomeAdvisor, the average cost of shipping a car across the U.S. is $950.

2. Leave the Items You No Longer Require

In most cases, you never notice how many items you own until they fill several packing boxes. Therefore, perceive packing for relocation across the country as a chance to eliminate the items you no longer require. Particularly, if you’re not planning to move your stuff across the country using a van, you’ll have to discard some of them.

As a starting point, establish three distinct piles, namely “donate,” “sell,” and “keep.” Doing so will aid you in packing items according to where you want to take them. For the belongings you intend to sell, you can utilize platforms such as LetGo and OfferUp. Such apps enable you to sell any property and link you with buyers from the comfort of your home. Another useful tip when moving across the country is to draft a list of all the items you intend to take along. Often, it’s easy to forget some items, particularly little things but crucial ones, like receipts.

3. Pack Your Clothing Carefully

Careful packing of your family’s clothing is critical. Items of clothing can be the most difficult belongings to pack when moving across the country. This is especially the case if you don’t know how to arrange the various types of clothing — starting with pullovers, dresses, shoes, pants, jackets, among others. Often, these belongings are bulky and require more space.

Instead of randomly casting a bunch of your clothes into the boxes, you can apply the following tips to pack them strategically:

  • Roll your clothes. Rolling your clothes enables you to move across the country without them forming wrinkles and saves on storage space. You only need to roll your clothes and store them in the packing boxes. This way, several of them can fit in a single box, and you’ll end up packing fewer boxes.
  • Utilize the spaces. Even after carefully rolling your clothes, some gaps will be left. You can make use of such spaces to squeeze in small items such as socks.

Ultimately, packing your clothes and other items carefully can help reduce the number of luggage, easing the process of moving across the country.


Relocating across the country can be a devastating endeavor. However, with the right tips, you can comfortably plan and relocate without much difficulty. Some of the tips to help you move across the country easily include checking your financial status and estimating the cost of shipping your car. You can also leave some of the items you no longer require and pack your items strategically.

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