When you initially think of tile, you assume it can only be used on floors and walls. However, as interior decorating has become more innovative over the years, people are finding many new and creative ways to use tile in their homes. If you want to join the club and make certain areas of your home look outstanding, here are four of the most unique ways you too can use tile inside your home.

Stylish Stairs

If you have stairs in your home that you travel up and down on each day, they may be starting to look a bit more dull than you’d like. To jazz them up, try creating stylish stairs by installing tile either directly on the top of each step or even underneath each step. Whichever option you choose, your trips up and down the stairs will suddenly be filled with much more color and pizzazz.

Tile Your Fireplace

When you first read this, you may do a double-take. However, more and more people are warming up to this idea. Since tile is heat-resistant and extremely durable like limestone, you can cover your fireplace in all types of decorative tile. Once you do, you’re sure to have a fireplace that will be the envy of all who stop by for a look.

Brighten up Your Bedroom

Even if you have tile on your bedroom floor, you can still use it to brighten up your bedroom in many other ways. One of the best is to use it on headboards and bed frames, which is a design idea that is starting to catch on with people everywhere. With tiles now available in so many different colors and designs, the sky’s the limit for how you can make your bed take on a look all its own.

Tile Your Ceiling

While traditional ceiling tiles have been around for decades, this puts a whole new twist on the concept. By using tiles that have been meant for use on floors and walls on your ceiling, you are sure to give your home an incredible look that will be long-lasting for years to come. Best of all, tiling your ceiling is much, much easier than grabbing a paint brush and spending hours trying not to spill paint here and there.

Whether you opt for one of these ideas or instead go all-in on tiling your home in many wonderful ways, there is no doubt your home will be one of the best-looking and most unique in your neighborhood.