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There’s nothing quite as freeing as traveling the world, meeting new people, and becoming enamored by how large and diverse our planet is. It’s also important to consider how to think about traveling for creative inspiration and what that means, particularly if you work in a field that requires it, or you wish to spend time writing a book, or you’re just looking for something to nourish your soul.

In that way, your travel approach may be much more different than simply heading to the nicest, sunniest resort you can afford and spending all day on the beach. There’s nothing wrong with doing that of course, but it can be nice to excite yourself with more nourishing options should you hope to feel inspired.

But how can that be possible? And, in a world that’s only tentatively opening up after the difficulties of the last year, how can you avoid making bad decisions? Our primer should help you with that, and give you the motivation necessary to get started:

Consider The History Of Your Art

Considering the history of your art can be a great way to define what you’d like to see. If you’re a writer, and love classical literature, perhaps you could visit the home of Shakespeare in Stratford-Upon-Avon in England, or maybe you could visit Rome and see the absolutely stunning renaissance-era art if you’re that way inclined. Considering the history of a discipline, and the movements that have contributed to your desire today, can really help you get more context and feel a part of this history too – which you absolutely are.

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Set Yourself A Challenge

It can be a nice idea to set yourself a challenge while taking part in the trip. For instance, you might wish to create while finding your inspiration, and this might involve painting ten landscapes along your longform road trip. Or, maybe just recording footage in amazing areas can help you practice your photography skills, while also allowing you to come home,  edit the footage, and make a fun travel video. Setting yourself a challenge is more than just a way to be ‘productive,’ but it can inspire you to explore and see what else is out there for you to enjoy. That can be a powerful motivator.

Stay Long-Term Or Even Live There

Staying long-term or even living in an area for a time can really help it soak into your skin. From finding condos for sale to long-term renting in an area, it might be that the completion of a novel, or perhaps the long-form discussion of your art can really help you adhere to a sense of completion and interest going forward. At the very least, it will give you the potential to enjoy a range of additional experiences, those that help inform good creativity, help you network with others in the same field, and generally help that place become a part of your identity, too.

With this advice, we hope you can more easily travel, especially if aiming for creative inspiration.

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