Summer is officially here! Spending more time outdoors with your furry friends is most likely at the top of the list. All of these outdoor activities, however, could result in more sun exposure and dry snouts. Fortunately, we have compiled a list of summer necessities to protect your pets while also making your life easier during the scorching summer months. This article will show you how to keep your furry friends comfortable and happy in the summer heat.

Sunscreen Protection

Everyone needs protection from the hot sun during the summer. Including your pets! They need shelter from the extreme temperatures, whether it is an umbrella for shade or a sweater for a hairless cat. Fortunately, the application of sunscreen is not restricted to humans. Sunscreen for dogs is now available as well. Who’d have guessed? Consider also getting non-toxic sunscreen for your cats.

A Litter Box For Your Cat

You should keep in mind that cats are both hunters and prey in the wild. A helpless kitty would be attacked by wild dogs, bigger cats, foxes, and even raccoons. No one feels more exposed than when they’re using the restroom. That is why cats need a secure environment, and what’s better than a litterbox! There are no noises, unwanted guests, and claustrophobic feelings.

After making a big deposit in its litter box, you may have noticed that your cat speeds off. This is most likely because the odor of fresh poop attracts predators. Your cat wants to feel that it has enough space to flee from something that could pursue it. That’s why you need a large litter box for your cat.

Elevated Pet Beds

Do you wish to keep your pets off the floor? Get an elevated pet bed. An elevated pet bed is simply a bed that is raised off the ground. The high summer temperature heats your floor, which could harm your pet’s paws. This is especially true when you have tile floors or concrete paving.

Additionally, the elevated beds provide excellent support and are less likely to be chewed up by your pets than cushions. They are also portable, so you can carry them with you for the holidays.

Wi-Fi Pet Camera

A Wi-Fi Camera is a perfect summertime accessory for pet parents planning a holiday or even just leaving for work. It enables you to keep a close eye on your furry friends. Some cameras will have a treat dispenser, allowing you to offer your pet treats. Not only will you be able to rest assured that your pet is safe and secure, but you will also be able to award them for being well-behaved. Isn’t that amazing?

Cooling Water Bowl/Water Fountain

What is more necessary than water during the summer months? Whether you are on the go or staying indoors, you need to keep yourself and your pets hydrated. Maintain a cool water temperature and provide fresh water to your pet during the day. You have the option of using a traditional simple bowl or investing in a water fountain for your home. You bet your pets will love the cascading water. If you are on the go, however, you could get a portable combination water bowl.

Cooling Collar / Bandanas

Are you surprised? Well, don’t be. A cooling bandana or collar is a great idea to keep your pets both fashionable and cool during the summer months. They come in plenty of colors, and you can get them for both your cats and your dogs.

Cooling Mat

You may have noticed that your cats and dogs hang out in/close to the tub during the summer. They are trying to find a cool environment to chill. Why not get them a cooling mat? Cooling mats are a great way to keep your pets cool and still get to hang out with them in the living room.

The summer heat can at times get unbearable, and all you need is a bit of relief. Your pets need to feel protected and comfortable too. Invest in one or a combination of these products for furry friends this summer, and they will surely love you for it.