Finding the best senior living home is an activity that you should do with your aged parents. With a curious mentality and asking the correct questions, you will confidently pursue your search. Here are three factors to consider while looking for an assisted living community.

Quality of Life

When visiting a potential new home for your parents, present residents are often your best resource. Inquire from them how they feel about life in the home. Participate in an activity on the day and take note of the attendance and degree of commitment. Examine the activity schedule and discuss it with your parents.

Take note of how tidy the living spaces are in the home. If any sound, sights, or smells make you uncomfortable, don’t be afraid to ask a resident or a staff member about it. It may be a one-time incident or a sign of a greater sanitation issue. Ask questions until you are satisfied with the answer.

Don’t just explore the inside. Your parents would enjoy the serenity and activities that outdoor spaces offer. Therefore, make sure there are sufficient outside areas. Are they properly landscaped? Is there a walking pathway and a garden? Is there a space for gardening if your parents enjoy gardening? Finally, if security is a consideration, inquire about fences, surveillance procedures, and any current events that you should be aware of.

Level of Care

Everyone has different care needs. Will this community meet the needs of your parents? Ensure you communicate your parents’ care requirements and have clear questions ready to inquire about how those requirements can be fulfilled. Consideration should be given to medication, dressing, bathing, and mobility.

Is the living home set up in such a way that your parents can comfortably explore it and walk about with complete independence? Take note of how existing residents get about and inquire whether they ever have problems with daily life.

Nature of Staff

The caregivers at your parent’s new home will play a critical role in their quality of life. On your visit to a senior living facility, make an effort to speak with other seniors and inquire about their satisfaction with the care they get. If the residents respond enthusiastically, they value their caregivers.

The process of looking for a new senior living environment is enjoyable and thrilling. Keeping what is best for you and your parents at the forefront of the selection process will assist you in determining the best match.