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After the last year staying at home, you may be looking for some changes around the house? Perhaps you are thinking about selling and buying a new home. Well, if you are thinking about making some changes, why not commit to doing some home projects that will increase your home’s value at the same time? These four summer home projects are bound to enhance your home enjoyment, safety, and value.

Maximize Your Outdoor Space

Whether you have a patio, front yard, or a balcony, the outdoor spaces of our homes more often than not are overlooked. The last year has shifted the way we think about home life as well as what’s important. To enjoy your space to the maximum as well as to increase value to a potential home buyer, maximize your outdoor space. You can create a leveled yard and segmented areas to create reading nooks, eating areas, and even places for kids to play. When making these changes, don’t forget to add lighting. You can choose from going with solar, electric, or battery-powered to set the right ambiance for your outdoor space.

Change Up Your Living Room

The world has been binge-watching series and movies from the living room for the last year. Spending so much time in the living room has probably given you the urge to change things up a bit. Well, it is rather easy to give a living room a facelift without much effort, time, or money. Plus, a modern, open living is inviting to not only you and your family, but also potential buyers. 

Add Storm Protection to Your Home

With the increasing trend of storms, fires, hurricanes, and tornados across the country, adding storm protection to your home is a good investment. Not only does it ensure that you and your loved ones are safe, but it increases the value of a prospective buyer. If you live anyway in a hurricane-prone zone and don’t have home hurricane protection, you really should. The same goes for tornados, fires, and other natural disasters. It is always wise to seek experts in the field as well as your insurance company.

Upgrade Your Bathroom(s)

With many still working and learning from home, the need for upgrades throughout the house has been made apparent through this pandemic. One of which is the bathroom. If you have an older model bathroom with either a tub or small shower, you may want to consider removing the tub for a walk-in model or upgrading to a larger Roman tub. You and your family will reap the benefits as well as the modern touch will increase your home’s sale value.

It’s time to make some changes around your home. By adding some safety features, maximizing outdoor spaces, and modernizing a couple of rooms in your home, you will enjoy it more. However, all of your hard work and investment will have financial benefits to you whether in the near future or years from now. Good luck with your summer home projects!

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