Invited to a dinner party or gathering and need to bring a hostess gift? Hostess gifts can often be difficult to choose especially if you want to make the gift a thoughtful one. Luckily, below are the 10 best hostess gifts perfect for any occasion!


Most people love and regularly use candles so this gift is sure not to go to waste. Choosing scents for another person can be challenging but usually, a clean scent such as fresh linen or ocean breeze will be a safe bet for all recipients.


Hand creams are another great option to gift to a hostess and again, clean scents are the way to go. Choose a nice skincare line like Beekman 1802 to impress your hostess with a great quality hand cream and even potentially introduce them to a new brand!


Kitchen accessory hostess gifts can range from a simple set of kitchen towels to a personalized serving tray. Regardless of the kitchen accessory you choose, the hostess is sure to love this new addition to their space. If your hostess is a newer homeowner, gifting them something that they can use in their kitchen would be an even better gift idea.


Most people cannot have enough comfort items and a blanket is one of these! Chunky, knit blankets are a fun, newer trend and can be conveniently ordered online. This gift would be best suited as a hostess gift for events taking place in cooler months.


Indoor or outdoor plants make wonderful hostess gifts. If you are not familiar with the space the recipient has to keep plants in, choose a small, low-maintenance plant that does not require a lot of sunlight! If your hostess is a plant-lover, there are endless options of plants you could gift them to add to their collection.


A simple bouquet of flowers is not only a thoughtful hostess gift, it is something you can grab last minute if you are in a pinch! Purchasing this gift from a florist or even from the florist department of your local grocery store is something you can do at the last minute when you are on your way to the event. Flowers always bring a smile to the faces of those receiving them and will bring some joy into their space for several days even after the gift is received.


Stationary always comes in handy and is sure to be useful as a gift to your hostess. If you have the time and ability, make this gift even more thoughtful by ordering customized stationery! A simple design with their initials or full name printed on it will show that a great deal of thought was put into this gift and will express your appreciation immensely. If you are ordering personalized stationery, make sure to allow for enough time to pick it up or have it delivered prior to when you need it!


A bottle of nice or top-shelf alcohol is a timeless hostess gift. Instead of stopping at your local liquor store, consider ordering your hostess a more impressive bottle of alcohol like rare bourbons for sale or a high-quality wine. You can impress your hostess with your knowledge of fine wine and liquor. This is a fun and unusual twist on a classic hostess gift.


A gift basket consisting of fruit, specialty cheeses, crackers, chocolate, and more can be found online or at local shops and are wonderful hostess gifts! Depending on how familiar you are with your hostess, you can even customize a basket of goodies yourself based on their preferences to add to the thoughtfulness of this gift.


While gift cards are not the most personal gift, who doesn’t like receiving one? If you are still having trouble deciding on the best hostess gift for your occasion, purchasing a gift card for them is always a safe bet!

Whether you choose to purchase a rare bottle of alcohol or personalized stationery for the hostess you are getting a gift for, they will be grateful to receive something from you. Being a hostess is a difficult task and showing your appreciation for that by gifting them something wonderful will not go unnoticed!