Partnerships are not that hard to create, right? You send an email, get a response, and you are in, right? Wrong! For every 100 brands you send an email asking for a partnership, less than 1% will respond. However crazy it sounds, that is the truth. But there are tips you can use to easily form a partnership with other brands within your niche; we have shared them below.

1. Define What You Are Looking for From Partnerships

It is not right to create a partnership with another brand just for the sake of it. You will be wasting your time and money. You are supposed to have a proper sense of what the result should be like. For instance, you can collaborate with another brand to provide your solutions to the people who need them the most.

If your business’s primary aim is to impact as many lives as possible, then this can be a wise move. In that case, you will need to partner with another organization that shares the same goals. Before you start looking for the best brand to partner with, think about your business can do better.

2. Be Unique

If a certain brand is good and famous enough, it receives emails from other companies looking for partnership deals. To get their attention, you should make sure that your application stands out from the crowd. Before you send the business pitch, think carefully and include as many details as possible.

The company should see the kind of benefits they will get if they sign the deal with you. Unless they can see the value of your company by going through the pitch, they won’t have a reason to engage you further.

If you have never created a business pitch before, it is proper to ask an expert to provide some assistance. The expert will research the big brand to find some things that they might need from your company.

3. Have a Personal Contact at The Other Company

Cold pitching is indeed a technique that works, but you should learn how to make things a little easier. Try to have a personal connection at the bigger company, and you won’t have to struggle a lot. Talk to your professional network and ask them if they have any mutual contacts with the company you would like to partner with.

As you continue to build a relationship with the other company, you should start to figure out how things will be in case you get to work as a team. Think about the core values of your organization and whether those things will let you stay true to the bigger brand.

4. Be Persistent

The truth is that you are going to do a lot of work to form a partnership with the brand of your choice. However, things will get a lot easier after landing your first deal. Until then, come up with a work plan that will help you remain consistent until you find what you are looking for.

Since you are looking to get in touch and sign a deal with a bigger brand, persistence is a must. If you do your homework, you will learn that some companies formed partnerships after at least five years of conversations.

5. Make Sure Your Goals Align

Before you begin looking for a new publisher sign-up, you should always make sure that your goals tally with the bigger brand you would like to partner with. This matters a lot, even if it means tweaking things around to impress the next company to sign a partnership deal with you.

This might be the hardest part because when you suddenly make some changes to your business focus, you will lose some clients. But with the help of professionals, you can make slight changes so that the next company sees that you are serious about forming a partnership with them.

Closing Thoughts

If you pitch a bigger brand to let you form a partnership with them, you need to follow up after some time. You need to do that without making them feel pushed. Also, you can reduce the workload on your end by looking for a personal contact at the next company. Before you reach the agreement, there are a lot of things you will need to discuss, so you should be ready to do that.