Depending on your need, there are a wide variety of ways to use CBD. Those with chronic pain may prefer to microdose, while those who struggle with anxiety may need a full dose at night. If you’re trying to quit smoking, a disposable vaping pen can be an ideal tool to give you the relaxation of a puff without the toxins of cigarette smoking.

Determine Your Greatest Need

It’s been a very tough couple of years, and the current indications and research around the use of full spectrum CBD products indicate that you can get help with many conditions by using CBD.

Start with the basics:

  • Insomnia: Can you fall asleep?
  • Sleep: Can you stay asleep?
  • Pain: Is it chronic, or just after exercise, or just in the morning?
  • Illness: Are there other conditions that are limiting your life?

Once you’ve determined your primary use for CBD, you can look for a product to give you the most effective dose. Keep a CBD journal to help you track what you used and how it worked out.


Start with a CBD oil and dose yourself 15 to 30 minutes before bed. Place the dropper under your tongue and start with a 25 mg dose for an adult. Track how you feel in the next 30 minutes, and if you can fall asleep easily, note what time you wake up and how you feel upon rising.

Some users feel a bit of tingling at the application site. This is generally due either to a reaction to the carrier oil or the flavor. Peppermint can be a bit tingly; orange can feel sharp. If you experience a burning sensation, check the tissue in the morning for inflammation. A reaction to CBD itself is very rare.


For those who find they can now fall asleep but can’t stay there for long, an edible may be a good addition. You can find CBD edibles with a variety of additions, including melatonin for deep sleep. As deep sleep is necessary to cleanse the brain of toxins that can damage nerve connections, finding a way to sink deeply into sleep will protect your brain for your future.

Take a gummy dosage when you use your sublingual drop. You will have to digest the product to get the best results, so you have a couple of hours before it kicks in. When the sublingual drop dosage has finished its work, the edible will be working.


For those who struggle with nerve or joint pain, a topical may provide the most effective relief. CBD lotions and sticks can be applied directly to swollen joints and sore muscles.

If you are feeling well enough to want to feel better, you may find that adding a partial dose to a smoothie after your workout can reduce muscle aches while avoiding the drowsy sense that a full dose can give.

Finally, those who struggle with chronic pain may gain benefit from microdosing with a vaping pen. If you’ve never smoked any product before, start small. Use a disposable pen in a flavor that appeals to you and try just a couple of puffs to reduce chronic pain, muscle spasms, and other frustrating conditions. If you find the vaping pen works and want to branch out, you can then invest in more gear for vaping.


If you have problems with an overactive gut, a CBD edible may benefit. Current research indicates that there are IBS sufferers who have gotten relief from regular CBD use.

CBD is a soothing product. If you have symptoms of a sluggish gut, such as constipation, you may struggle with more problems by soothing your gut. However, if elimination pain of any sort is getting in the way of healthy bathroom use, then CBD may help both by reducing your pain level and reducing inflammation of those tender tissues.

CBD users are finding that this versatile product, in all forms, can greatly aid their overall health. Before you add CBD to your routine, check with your physician to make sure that there is no risk of a drug interaction. Use small doses and track your intake and results in your CBD journal to make sure that you’re using the best format for the best results.