Does the thought of spring cleaning fill you with dread? You’re looking at it entirely the wrong way. Spring cleaning offers numerous benefits– and not just the cleaning of your home. Let’s talk about some of the advantages of decluttering and then segue into four tips on how to make spring cleaning work for you.

Why is spring cleaning so good for you?

  • According to Harvard Medical School, it also cleans your mind.
  • Counterintuitive as this may sound, it relieves stress.
  • It removes dust from the home to help allergies.
  • All that moving and shaking is a good workout.
  • You get relief from a clean space.

Start Small

The prospect of tackling an entire home can seem daunting. After all, Rome wasn’t built in a day. A good suggestion is going room by room. Just getting your workspace clean without even touching anything else in the office makes for a huge improvement and morale boost. Another winning involves cleaning out your closest. We’ll delve deeper into that shortly.

Enlist Extra Garbage Disposal

Sometimes you discover that you’re in a bit over your head when it comes to the amount of waste you’ve accumulated. Here are two lifesaving words: dumpster rental. You fill the dumpster. They pick it up, leaving you with a hassle-free experience.

Call in the Troops

If you have children, have them assist in age-appropriate ways. Every extra pair of hands helps. Or consider calling your friend group over for a cleaning party. Sure, it sounds a little less than glamorous– but true friends will be willing to help. Furthermore, if you supply hot pizza and cold beer, they will come.

Share the Wealth

There are several ways you can handle surplus items. Donate them to your favorite charity. Get a group of neighbors together and have a garage sale. Or…make money. Poshmark is an app that lets you sell your clothes from your phone. There’s also Plato’s Closet for clothes. Mercari, eBay, Craigslist, and Facebook Marketplace allow you to sell just about anything. Of course, these can require a bit of time and effort, so dropping your goods at Goodwill is always a fine option.

However you choose to do your spring cleaning, we wish you a wonderful journey. There is always a way to do this well, you just have to figure out exactly how to do that.