An example of wood building material.

When you are ready to start construction on a new home building project, line up your supplies first to ensure you have everything that will be needed. You can also usually get better prices when you plan ahead and buy in bulk or when things go on sale rather than waiting for the last minute. Here are some tips for getting the supplies you need, so your project will be ready to start when you are.

DIY Stores

You probably live within driving distance of several DIY stores that offer a wide range of building supplies. Keep an eye on upcoming sale events or call the store to inquire in specific departments where you would like to buy supplies. Rebates may also be available on certain items that you plan to use. Compare prices of the stores online to get the best deals, and ask about a contractor’s discount if you plan to do more building or renovations in the future.

Abandoned Buildings

Some builders and contractors check out old buildings or edifices scheduled for demolition for supplies. You can find amazing fireplaces, door latches, and light fixtures in good condition or easily salvageable for free or low cost. Check out empty buildings and homes in your area online to see if any might be worth investigating.

Thrift Stores

Many thrift stores have an area stocked with donated building supplies. Some items may be new, like donated wallpaper, paint, lumber, and doors that are left over from a project that has been completed. Used building equipment can also occasionally be found. Browse the shops for updated supplies that can be dropped off anytime. The store might offer a frequent shopper discount card when you spend a certain amount of money.

Construction Sites or Contractors

Contact local construction companies and contractors to see if they have surplus supplies on hand. Sometimes they order more than is needed and don’t have plans to use the excess anytime soon. You can get new building supplies at a fraction of their original cost, such as brick or paving stones, wood for framing, roofing tiles, and other merchandise for building. If they don’t have extra materials onsite, they may be able to let you know where they bought the supplies, and you can get what you need there as well.

Using options like these can help you find the supplies you need at a good price. Check around to get the best deals, and stock up before starting your building project.