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Building a healthy routine takes focus and no small amount of willpower in today’s world. It’s easy to spend the whole day in your pajamas as we come out of the pandemic, but you’ll be much happier with yourself at the end of the day if you can get moving and make better choices for your body and brain.

Get Up at the Same Time Each Day

Setting an alarm clock on the weekend feels like a silly decision unless you have to get to work, but getting up at the same time each day is actually better for your body. When we sleep in, we may wake up feeling rested or sluggish, but the process of getting your brain moving and then slowing it down later so you can rest is actually quite a challenge.

Set your routine. Get up when the alarm goes off, no matter what. Falling back asleep could put you into another sleep cycle, which can last for up to 90 minutes. A ten-minute snooze will just leave you feeling exhausted. Drink some water while the coffee brews and write down something you’re thankful for. While you drink your beverage of choice, write down two more things. Gratitude is energizing and allows you to focus on the good in your life.

Drink Water First Thing

Keep a quality water bottle inside the fridge so you can enjoy a cold drink first thing in the morning. If possible invest in two water bottles and rotate them around so you always have the chance to choose water first.

It’s very easy to open a soda, drink something sweet or just lean on caffeine when your energy and focus are low. The world may move on caffeine, but your body runs on water. By keeping your hydration level healthy, you can support your kidneys, liver and gut. The toxins of daily living will build up over time. The organs that keep things clean function best when fully flushed out, so by making your first go-to beverage water, you can keep your hard-working organs functioning effectively.

Get Some Exercise

Move your body. If you have stairs in your building, set the timer on your phone and walk the stairs for ten minutes. Even if you can’t get out due to weather or health worries, do something in your home to keep

  • your core strong
  • your spine lumber
  • your muscles oxygenated

If you’ve been thinking about decluttering, turn on your favorite tunes and work like crazy for an hour to put your muscles to healthy use. If you need to clean, scrub with vigor until your arms are tired. Even if your gym is closed down, you can find a way to move your body in your space. If nothing else, turn on a music video and dance up a sweat.

Rest Deeply

It’s a very anxious time. If you struggle to fall asleep, consider a CBD dosage via a CCell vape pen before bed to help you shut down your brain and let your body fall into sleep. Be very careful about what you put in your vaping tool; the CBD oil that you can put under your tongue or mix in your smoothie is not safe to eat and to smoke. Vaping products and edible products are not interchangeable.

For those who are struggling to beat a cigarette habit, moving to a vape pen is a good way to support the nicotine need and reduce the toxin load from other products in cigarettes. Once you’ve got a handle on the cigarette craving, consider adding a bit of flavor to your vaping mix so you can consider it a treat. Use it after meals, or when you need a break from daily stress, and start reducing your nicotine content slowly if that’s a goal.

There are several ways to add healthy activities. Use the timer on your phone to break up the time you spend sitting. Limit your screen time outside of work. Treat yourself to a quality set of headphones and enjoy some privacy while watching exercise videos or listening to music. Clean up your bedroom of light with room darkening shades and move electronics out of the bedroom.