Routine maintenance is crucial to the performance of your vehicle. There are certain tasks required in order to keep things running smoothly. Failing to keep up with service appointments can cost you plenty. In particular, you’ll need to pay attention to certain seasonal needs. You may think you’re in the clear now that the harsh winter is over. In actuality, the hot months of summer bring their own vehicle maintenance considerations. Here are the top things to update on your car this summer to save you money, time, and hassle.

Change Your Oil

An oil change is one of the most important maintenance tasks to take care of on a regular basis. Doing so ensures the parts in your engine are lubricated and able to move smoothly. Oil decreases friction and cools your engine. Failing to change the oil as recommended in your owner’s manual could lead to the overheating of your engine and a costly repair.

Check the Coolant

Another task to take care of before summer is to check the condition of your vehicle’s coolant. Coolant keeps your car from overheating, and it gets a tremendous workout in the hot months of summer. Conventional coolant should be changed every two years. Extended-life coolant can go about five years before being changed. Coolant breaks down over time and becomes less effective, so be sure to take care of this essential task in a timely manner.

Check the Air Conditioning

Heading out for a road trip this summer? You’ll definitely want to check your air conditioner before summer travel. Having it quit on you during a long road trip would be a real hassle. There are simple diagnostic tests to determine how well your A/C is performing. If your system doesn’t seem to be putting out cold air the way it used to, the solution could be quite simple. Take the time to have it inspected now in order to avoid discomfort later. While you’re at it, you’ll also want to check your car cabin air filter. This one is easy to overlook but can make a real difference to the air quality within your vehicle. The cabin air filter helps to clean the air that flows through your vehicle’s HVAC system.

Change Filters

You’ll definitely want to change your air filter before summer arrives. It can get clogged with winter sludge and salt. A clogged filter lowers your fuel efficiency and hinders the performance of your vehicle. You should change your air filter every 12,000 miles or so. A quick inspection can easily tell you the condition of your filter. It’s an easy and inexpensive fix that can have a big impact on how smoothly your vehicle runs.

Test Your Battery

Did you know that the hot summer months place even more wear on a battery than the winter cold? It’s true. That’s why you’ll want to have your battery tested as you prepare for vacation season. A quick test can tell you the condition of your battery. If it’s worn down, you can make plans to replace it. Taking care of this issue now can prevent you from being stuck with the inconvenience of a vehicle that won’t start.

Check Belts and Hoses

The belts and hoses in your car’s engine may seem insignificant. It’s easy to forget all about them. However, these small parts play a big role in your vehicle’s function. The rubber can wear down easily, especially when exposed to summer heat. Your belts and hoses should be inspected for cracks and frays. Look for leaks around your hoses. Replacing worn parts with new ones is pretty inexpensive and could save you from the headache of a breakdown.

Inspect the Brakes

Chances are, you’ll be on the go a lot more in the summer months. Now is a good time to have your brakes inspected. This is especially true if you’ll be towing trailers, boats, or other equipment. A quick check will provide peace of mind to be sure you feel safe while driving during summer storms. You want to feel confident you can stop on a dime when necessary.

These are some of the top maintenance tasks to update on your car this summer. Regular service improves the performance of your car and helps to keep you safer.