An example of a new car.

There’s something special about driving your new car off the lot. Then you get it home and park it in the garage hoping that it will stay dent-free in the days to come. Since life isn’t perfect, there’s a good chance your new vehicle could experience a scratch or dent accident. But there is no need to get upset when you have these four resources to rely on.

DIY Tools

Assuming you have some basic knowledge of auto body repair, you may be able to fix a minor dent at home in your garage or driveway. Watch a couple of online tutorials and pick up the necessary supplies. As long as you have the correct tools, you may be able to tap out the dent, paint any surface scratches, and your new car will look as good as new. Be sure you have the tools, supplies, and know-how before tackling the job yourself.

Parts Store

Contact a local auto parts store to see if they can recommend someone who fixes dents. Often, they have information about expert auto body technicians or people with extensive experience who sometimes repair dents for individuals who cannot do the work themselves. If you need to replace a part, like a bumper or a brake light cover, you can get what you need from the store to reduce the cost of buying parts at retail prices. 

Auto Body Mechanic Friend

If you personally know someone who works on vehicle exteriors, ask how much it would cost to do the job. An auto body mechanic who is a friend or an acquaintance might give you a good price and do the work at a convenient time instead of waiting for an auto body shop to schedule an appointment a week from now. If your friend is busy, they may be able to refer you to another knowledgeable repair technician who can help out.

Body Shop

For quality work and guaranteed repairs, get a repair estimate from an auto body repair shop. Having worked on dozens if not hundreds of vehicles, they can finish the job to make the car look great again within a reasonable timeframe at a competitive price.

Dents happen to many or most vehicles. Line up a plan of action for addressing your future potential dents by considering these resources in advance. If your vehicle does eventually get dented, you will be ready to make the repair swiftly and efficiently.