We’ve all been there before; you’re driving down the street or on the highway, and out of nowhere, a small pebble hits your windshield, causing it to chip instantly. This can understandably be incredibly annoying to deal with as you know that if that crack is not taken care of, it can quickly expand across the rest of your windshield. Thus the following includes a quick guide on how you can repair your car’s windshield when it has been chipped.

Prepare the Area Where the Chip is Located

The very first thing you should do is get your car under some type of shading as fast as possible. This will help to prevent the crack from expanding too much. Next, purchase an auto glass repair kit from your local big box store. Using a soft cloth, carefully begin cleaning the cracked area. The cloth will remove any dirt that may have been captured inside it and particles of broken class. Be very careful during this step as you may end up accidentally cutting yourself if you go too fast.

Mount the Suction Cup

It’s highly likely that your repair kit is going to come with a mount and suction cups. You are going to use the suction cup and place it right on top of the crack. You may then press down on it, so the suction cup is properly attached.

Use the Resin Tool

Once the suction cups are added, you then have to begin adding the resin tool onto it. This will be used to insert the resin mixture later on in the process. Slowly insert the tube into the center of the suction cup. If you need to, have someone inside the car to make sure you are stopping before it hits the actual windshield.

Add the Resin

Before we go any further, it is recommended to make sure if your resin needs to be mixed or if the kit has already prepared it for you. Once you have the resin ready, insert it using the syringe provided within the kit. The syringe will help to make sure that the resin is going deep into the cracks of the damaged area. Note that you should not pull out too fast as it can disturb the resin within and minimize its effectiveness.

The Waiting Period

As stated above, it is important to avoid moving too much or removing the syringe and other components once the resin is added. The wait time should be around 15 minutes, at which time you should first look for any bubbles before removing the items.

Once everything is removed, you should then begin looking at removing any excess resin from the area. You may remove the remaining resin using a small razor. Scrape it carefully over the area until you are satisfied with the final look.