With over two billion users across all platforms, social media is an integral part of any brand’s marketing strategy. You can grow your business by creating diverse social networks and connecting with your audience. However, it’s possible to have thousands of followers who never click on your links or read your posts. That is why you should work towards building an engaging platform for your customers.

1. Use the Right Social Platform

You don’t have to be on every existing social platform – choose the most applicable to your business. Understand what every platform offers, how to use it, how potential clients use it, and the business-related benefits associated with the account. Most target customers aren’t on every social media account available. Your brand should be on the relevant platforms your consumers are likely to subscribe to.

2. Hire A Professional

If you want to boost your following and engagement, your best shot would be to hire a social media expert to manage the tasks. Rather than posting content randomly, the social media growth strategist can formulate a tactical plan to elevate your business and help you get the most out of your online presence. That way, you are assured that your resources and time are optimized.

3. Analyze Your Competitors

It would be best to analyze your competitors regularly when running a marketing campaign, and it’s no different for social media. Look up the platforms they are the most active and the kind of content they share. Understanding your competitor’s strategies and engagement will help build a roadmap of what you should be doing. You might also discover new opportunities to set yourself apart as a leading brand in your industry.

4. Show Your Softer Side

Allow your audience inside your emotions as a company. For them to engage you on the platforms, they need to know you are humans. It would help if you did more than giving out your link and hoping someone will see it. Read the comments and interact with everyone. Respond to posts, and don’t ignore people that reach out to you. With time, your potential clients will feel more connected to your brand, and they will want to look up your post and visit your website.

5. Include A Visual with Every Post

Research confirms that visuals perform well on social media. So, ensure you include a colorful and eye-catching image with every post you put up. Here are some statistics by HubSpot.

  • Posts with relevant images attract 94% more views than those without a featured image
  • Instagram photos with faces are 38% likelier to get likes
  • Visual content is 40 times more probable to be shared on social media

6. Use Hashtags Often

Everyone is using hashtags to attract a following to their pages and websites. So, it would be best if you didn’t lag. Use them on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Google Plus, and other relevant sites to bring more people to your websites and social media. However, ensure they are relevant and don’t overuse them. A post without any hashtags is better than one with 20 unrelated hashtags. Research trending tags and include them in your content.

7. Become A Topical Authority

You can use social media to establish your brand as a topical authority figure. It means that your company becomes a trusted source of information in your niche. To develop such relevance, you need to post content consistently. Search engines will start recognizing your prowess in the field, and you will end up on top of search results. If your account has a high authority, you will generate high-quality traffic to your site.

8. Provide Benefit to Your Audience

When people visit your pages, they want to know what’s in for them. Attract following by giving away something for free. The item should draw target clients to your business by establishing trust and build interest. You can give away a short trial, a free book, a discount code, or even like their page back. You will have to earn influential followers to engage on your page.

Everyone wants a share of the flourishing social media engagement. Brands with an excellent online presence experience exponential growth, However, running a successful social media campaign requires a lot of effort. You need to develop a large following and learn how to engage your followers.