A cat and dog enjoying each other's company.

Healthy pets are a sign of a flourishing family. If you’re interested in keeping up with the other families on your block, try pampering the family pet until they’re healthy, happy, and well-trained.

Improve Your Pet’s Diet

The first step to having a healthier pet is feeding them the right diet. Although normal kibble is fairly standard, it won’t give your pet’s coat that trademark shine of good health. Instead, try looking for an organic pet food that actually meets your pet’s nutritional needs.

In addition to pet food, you should also consider what kind of treats your pet is eating. If you can’t find anything you like at the store, try making homemade treats with meat, vegetables, and other natural ingredients. Remember to feed small portions; treats are for fun, not for eating as a standard meal.

Buy More Toys

Toys are an important to help maintain your pet’s emotional and mental health. Without toys, pets become bored, resulting in either extreme lethargy or destructive behaviors like scratching and chewing. Nervous pets don’t look very healthy, and they aren’t very happy, either; luckily, you can solve this problem entirely with a set of brand-new toys.

A happy dog or cat should have a selection of different kinds of toys to choose from. Toys should be replaced when they start to fall apart. In addition, you should get your pet a new toy every few months, even if their other ones are still in good condition.

Visit the Groomer

Most pet owners keep up with their regular vet visits, but few dog and cat owners realize that they also need regular trips to the groomer. A good groomer will keep your pet’s fur clean, trimmed, and free of matted spots. Even short-haired dogs can take advantage of this service, especially when summer rolls around. Groomers also trim nails, clean teeth, and check your pet for behavioral problems.

If you have a long-haired pet, they may need to go to the groomer on a monthly basis. Short-haired pets should visit the groomer once a season to get their nails trimmed and their coat attended to. If you aren’t sure how much care your pet needs, don’t be afraid to ask the stylist for suggestions.

The final step to showing off your happy and healthy pet is to take them for a walk around the neighborhood. Exercise is great for a pet’s physical health and emotional attitude, and you’ll love flaunting your happy animal in front of everyone else in your community. Take pride in how happy your pet is, and share this advice to help your friends take even better care of their own furry friends.