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Moving is one of the most stressful and exhausting things that we have to do at some point or another. do. Everyone has to pack up all of their belongings, push them through a maze of corridors, and then unpack them in the new place. Fortunately, the right preparations can save you time and money while reducing stress. This guide highlights some simple ways to make moving easier on you when you’re packing up or moving your stuff.

Pack Smart

Pack smart, not hard and you can avoid unnecessary expenses and increased hassle.. Use labels & bins for clothes to help keep everything organized throughout the move. Place a clear label on all of your boxes and storage bins so that you know what room each one goes to. It is also recommended that you put the heaviest items on the bottom and top of each bin in order for them to be stable when stacked together.

Don’t wait too long to get started. Real Simple reports that nearly 50% of people wait a long time before packing, and end up complicating their own move. Get started early on your move to avoid creating a stressful pitfall for yourself and your loved ones.

Create a Action Plan

Having a plan of attack in place will help tremendously when it comes time to pack up your apartment or house, and it can help you avoid unnecessary stress long before the moving day arrives. In a notebook, try to break down the moving process into as many steps as possible. Have you made the necessary arrangements to stay in a new city? Do you need to enroll yourself or your kids in school, or college? Have you updated your mailing address? Map out a schedule in which you’ll tackle each of these areas, and prioritize them. One technique is to start tackling your hardest tasks early on, while you’re most pumped up and energized.

Seek Extra Help In Advance

When moving day arrives, you want to have all capable hands on deck for a smoother, faster move. There is nothing like finding out on moving day that you have less hands to help than you previously thought. If you are worried that there is a chance you may be stuck holding the ball on moving day, then you can seek a backup option now. Consider hiring professional movers from West Palm Beach moving or your particular locale to help get your belongings moved quickly and safely for your entire family.

Move Fragile Items Properly

There is nothing like seeing a precious vase or figurine shattered after a big move. It is critical to pack your possessions well to avoid damaging the load. Durable containers and efficient packing material is best for carefully wrapping items before a big move. If you have fragile items like ornaments, glass or china, you can place them in sturdy containers with a cloth cushion and newspaper. You can also buy boxes and packing material specifically for this purpose if you have a lot of precious items.

Consider Getting Storage Space

It is important to know the dimensions of your new residence to determine how much space you have, and if your furniture and appliances can fit in and out of the doors and walkways. Many homeowners have been disappointed to find that their refrigerator or bed cannot get through the door. If your new residence does not have as much space as your former home, you may want to consider purchasing a storage space. Make sure to take advantage of any temporary storage from any family or friends nearby. Getting storage space is one thing you can do for a faster move that keeps your new residence tidy.

If you purchase a monthly or yearly storage space, you don’t even have to fully pack. This means not packing everything individually and sorting it, but simply boxing up your valuables and photographing the rest. Put all of this into the storage unit and label it, If you have valuable items like jewelry, cameras, etc., put these in their own boxes and label them clearly as well. Make sure to get these items photographed if they are small and very valuable.

Donate or Toss Old Items

As you decide what stays with you and what goes, you can consider donating items that you no longer want. A local community center or church may offer a donation box for local citizens to give their unwanted items to the less fortunate. Be sure to toss out anything that is not in good condition so that moving is less of a hassle for you and your family.


It’s been said that the three most stressful events in life are death, divorce… and moving. There’s so much to do, pack and plan, but being prepared trumps it all. Use this advice to move through the process without getting stressed out. The more organized and prepared you are, the smoother your move will be. These simple tips can help you make moving easier for yourself and your family for a lifetime.