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With the coronavirus still causing lockdowns and restrictions across the world, the idea of travel abroad for summer holidays is looking less likely for some. However, forgoing that exotic holiday abroad doesn’t have to spell disaster. If you’re forced to spend your holidays within the confines of your local region, below are a few ideas that will help you make the most of a summer staycation.

Take a Road Trip

The beauty of Australia’s landscape is that it is a Mecca for road trips. Depending on where you live, taking a road trip could be one way to offset the lack of an international holiday. While you’ll have to abide by any travel restrictions in your area, a few of the more famous road trips you could try include:

  • The Great Ocean Road (Victoria)
  • The Great Barrier Reef Drive (Queensland)
  • The Grand Pacific Drive (New South Wales)
  • Uluru to Kings Canyon (Northern Territory)

Explore Your City or Town 

If restrictions don’t allow you to travel beyond the borders of your town or city, why not make your holiday a very local one? Perhaps there are tourist areas that you’ve never been to, or unusual places of history that are worth visiting. The key here is mindset: if you treat your city as though you’re a tourist, it will make it all the more exciting to visit both familiar and unusual places.

Make Indulgent Dinners

Staycations may also mean that you’re largely confined to your house. If that’s the case, why not go all out and make indulgent dinners? You could have a go at a gourmet five-course meal or find a way to make your food extravagant. Another idea is to create themed dinners so that you and your guests can add a bit of fun and adventure to the dinner experience.

Camp in Your Yard

If you love camping in the great outdoors, but this is not an option due to social distancing, why not set up the tent in the backyard? This is especially fun if you have kids as you can pretend that you’re camping in the wild. The benefit is that all the amenities you need are only a few metres away!

Bask in Creature Comforts

The other good point about a staycation is that it allows you to relax – which you probably rarely have an opportunity to do! Despite the disappointment that can arise from not being able to travel abroad, it’s a great opportunity to bask in creature comforts and enjoy some relaxing downtime. Make a point of enjoying cosy reading time, taking a luxurious bath or having a bit of fun with your Smile Makers. Enjoy the time at home as you may never have this kind of opportunity again!

Plan Epic Games

Staying inside with a big family can be challenging, especially if you have kids. If your staycation involves a lot of home time, why not plan some epic games? It could be as simple as charades and hide-and-go-seek, or as complicated as a murder mystery night. Board games are also a great option here, too. Whatever you decide, make sure to mix it up and try to add as much variety as possible.

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