While it is a good idea to prepare your home throughout the year for seasonal bad weather, some situations cannot be foreseen. Protect your house against the worst that can happen when the weather becomes unpredictable or violent. Early precautions can help to reduce expensive repairs afterward.

Heavy Snow

In certain climates, annual snowfall can be estimated and sometimes accurately predicted. But occasionally, significant snowfall can unexpectedly occur and wreak havoc on your home. Check your home’s siding and roof shingles to ensure everything is intact and braced for rough weather. The ground around your home’s foundation should slope away from the house rather than toward it, so that melting ice or snow will not trickle into the basement. Your gutters should likewise be ready to receive massive amounts of snow and its melting aftermath.

Damaging Winds

High winds can occur any time of year, and they can cause serious damage to your house. Roof shingles, window shutters, and porch railings may be impacted by their force. Check these areas and any others where loose parts could be torn loose or ripped apart. Secure your trash cans and recycle receptacles to the house, or put them in the garage when windy weather is expected. Take down any hanging tree limbs near the home before the wind knocks them down on or near the house.

Strong Thunderstorms

Severe storms can develop quickly, without warning, and cause major damage to a property. Make sure your windows are secure and stable. If they are old and weak, you may be ready to look into new window installation options. Forceful wind gusts or tornado-like weather can lead to rattling or broken windows and doors as well as exterior parts of the home that may be susceptible to dangerous winds. These might include the roof, the chimney, the gutters and downspouts as well as lightweight patio awnings or porch furniture.

Large Hail

Hail might precede or accompany a strong weather front like a line of thunderstorms or a dramatic shift from warm to cold temperatures. Cover your porch and patio, if possible, when hail is predicted. Bring inside any lawn or home appurtenances that might get damaged.

It may seem impossible to anticipate every type of harmful weather event. But be aware of possible severe weather risks during each season and protect your home accordingly. Often, a few simple preparations can help to avoid costs resulting from harmful weather incidents.