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Men and women are different, and it’s not only about their personalities but also their health. Some medical conditions affect women differently than men. Unfortunately, women are likely to put themselves second or third to their work, spouse, or kids. As a woman, prioritizing your health is essential. How you handle stress, eat, hydrate, and exercise has a significant impact on your health.

Women Have A Longer Lifespan Than Men

Although this may sound like good news initially, 50 percent of women over 75 years live in isolation. Many nursing home residents are women, many of whom suffer from chronic health issues. It would help if you considered caring for your body as early as you can. Take preventative measures with your emotional and physical health. When possible, devote some time to your loved ones. Always maintain social status and cultivate positive relationships.

Make A Date With Your Gynecologist

Visit your OB/GYN for an annual pelvic exam. Consider getting tested for STDs every year if you are sexually active. Get a Pap smear or HPV virus test every three years to watch out for cervical cancer signs. When you get to your menopausal or pre-menopausal years, you should visit an obgyn in Richmond VA for advice and treatment options to manage the symptoms. You could be unaware of the related symptoms until you contact a doctor.

Heart Diseases Are Fatal For Women

Not only is heart disease a significant problem across genders, but it hurts women in a big way. Heart diseases usually go undiagnosed in women more often than men. For instance, women don’t feel chest pain during a heart attack. They may experience:

  • Vomiting
  • Shoulder ache
  • Nausea
  • Shortness of breath

Irregular Periods Could Be A Secret Signal

Sometimes skipping periods feels like a blessing, especially if your flow is painful or heavy. However, if it happens more than three months in a row, it might not be a time to celebrate. Missed periods are often indicators of more significant concerns like polycystic ovarian syndrome or thyroid disorders. It also increased your chances of getting osteoporosis later in life because reduced estrogen may cause bone loss. So, if you skip a few periods, talk to your gynecologist.

Osteoporosis Is A Silent Disease

The condition stems from losing too much bone matter, and 80 percent of the culprits are women. Women are at a greater risk because they have relatively thinner bones and their estrogen levels reduce during menopause. Prevention is critical, which is why you should pay attention to bone health in your 30s. Ensure you get ample calcium from your diet and undertake weight-bearing exercises. Consider getting a bone-density test when you hit 50.

Thyroid Disorders Affect Women More Than Men

The thyroid gland controls most of the metabolic processes in the human body. Thyroid disorders can vary in severity, and they present different symptoms depending on the type. If your thyroid produces more hormones than required, you may experience weight loss, nervousness, heart palpitations, high blood pressure, goiters, muscle weakness, and light menstrual cycles. If it doesn’t produce sufficient hormones, you may experience fatigue, reduced heart rate, brain fog, weight gain, heavy menstruation, numbness in the hands, and sensitivity to cold.

Depression Is More Than Feeling Sad

Women usually develop more severe depression symptoms than men, and the signs are often misunderstood. Depression doesn’t have to be emotional; it could also cause fatigue, low energy, and sleeping problems. Talking to a doctor when you experience the symptoms will help rule out other medical conditions and improve your mental health.

A Well-Fitting Bra Is Life-Changing

Many ladies wear the wrong bra size, and poorly fitting bras cause skin irritation and shoulder pain. When you go through life changes like weight loss or weight gain, pregnancy, and lactating, constantly change your bra size. Consider getting the right fit from a specialist. Many lingerie shops and departmental stores offer the service free of charge. Nobody should go through life without the proper support.

Women’s health is unique and paramount. It would help if you always spared some time to work on your wellness. Even though life can get busy, you shouldn’t be unavailable for your needs.