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Some people go crazy for vitamins. Not a day goes past without them taking a multivitamin gummy or eating a bowl full of healthy fruit. Others are less dedicated, they might not think about vitamins until their system starts to run out of vitals and they experience new symptoms. 

The symptoms of vitamin deficiencies can be varied and sometimes mysterious. They probably come at a time when you least expect and demand your attention but finding the solution is not also easy. In general, it’s good practice to take a multivitamin with your meals to ensure that your core vitamin requirements are covered. 


Brittle hair and nails mainly occur due to a vitamin deficiency. You may experience dry skin or spit hair during the winter when the air is much drier, but brittle nails and low quality hairs tend to be caused by a lack of biotin

Biotin is a vital B vitamin that helps your body transform food into energy, you get vitamin B7 from foods like nuts, spinach, broccoli, and seeds. A lack of biotin in your diet will affect your health and cause damage to your nails and hair. 

Don’t let this happen. At the first sign of brittle nails and split hair, change your diet to include the foods above or start using a vitamin supplement. You can the a supplements that’s dedicated to vitamin B or a multivitamin tablet. 


Mouth ulcers can occur for several reasons, they can happen because of a bacterial infection for instance, but it’s more common for mouth ulcers to happen due to a vitamin deficiency. If you aren’t sure about the cause of your mouth ulcers explore your diet. 

There is never a good time to have to contend with a mouth ulcer, they come on very quickly and can affect your life, especially if you have a special occasion to attend an important interview. Thankfully they are quite easy to resolve. 

A mouth ulcer occurs due to a lack of B vitamins in your diet. These might be Thiamine, Riboflavin, and Pyridoxine. You can get these important vitamins from nuts, seeds, leafy greens and wholegrain, or you can take a multivitamin.


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Do you find some blood in the sink when you spit out toothpaste in the morning or evening? This could be because you brush your teeth too hard and it cuts the gums but there is another explanation. This sometimes happens because you have a vitamin C deficiency. 

Vitamin C is not naturally produced by the body. It has to be added through our diets. Vitamin C is responsible for healing and it’s also a strong antioxidant. If you don’t have enough vitamin C in your body it may result in symptoms like bleeding gums. 

You need to ensure you’re getting enough vitamin C by eating the right things and including a multivitamin supplement. You get vitamin C from fruit and vegetables, in particular, oranges and grapefruits. The upside is these fruits are tasty. 


As we age our eyesight naturally deteriorates, that’s why it’s easy to put poor eyesight down to a natural deterioration. However, it should be ignored, especially reduced night vision. This can be an indication of a vitamin deficiency which can lead to blindness. 

The deficiency in question is a lack of vitamin A. Vitamin A Can be obtained from leafy green vegetables and yellow and orange coloured fruits like oranges and bananas. If you experience trouble with your eyesight change your diet then speak to your healthcare provider.

A vitamin A deficiency should not be ignored especially if it causes issues with your eyesight. Neglecting this symptom can eventually lead to further deterioration in the eyes and ultimately to blindness. 


Dandruff and flaky skin is a very common condition that affects people of all ages. It occurs when an area of the body – usually the head – becomes dry and the skin starts to flake off. You might find small white powder on your shoulders or pillow. 

Although dandruff is caused by shampoo and environmental conditions – like dry air in winter – it’s also caused by a vitamin deficiency. A lack of core B vitamins in your diet is the likely cause of dandruff, especially if you’ve tried other solutions that have failed. 

B vitamins such as zinc, niacin, and pyridoxine are the ones that support those dry areas of skin to produce oil and prevent them drying out. You can try eating more legumes, nuts, and wholegrains, or you can supplement your diet with multivitamins. 


Contrary to popular belief both men and women can experience hair loss. Hair loss can happen because of stress or environmental factors. It can also be caused by a lack of vitamins in your diet, in particular zinc, niacin  and biotin. 

It can be very disconcerting when your hair starts to fall out, especially if you are otherwise healthy and don’t expect this to happen. Before you visit your health professional – which is recommended if you feel distressed about it – try to get more essential vitamins in your diet and reduce your stress levels. 

Appropriate levels of zinc, niacin, and biotin  should be present in your diet at all times. You can make sure you get enough of these and cover all bases by arranging your daily vitamins in blister packs which make organising tablets and pills easy and ensure you get what you need at the right time. 


Have you ever noticed red or white bumps appearing on your skin? You might see them on your cheeks, your arms, your thighs, or your buttocks. This is a common sign of a vitamin deficiency. It might seem like a serious medical issue but it has a simple solution. 

This condition is also genetic so it’s important to investigate the exact cause of the bumps. If you’ve had the condition before then it’s likely other family members will also have it – this is congenital rather than a vitamin deficiency. However, you should still check your vital vitamins. 

Most often this condition is caused by deficiencies in vitamins A and C. You can get vitamins A and C from yellow and orange vegetables and for multivitamin tablets. Try a course of vitamins to see if they improve the skin condition. 


Restless Leg Syndrome – also known as RLS – is a condition in which you can’t prevent your leg from moving. It might kick up automatically, or else you have an underlying urge to move it. The movement may also be accompanied by discomfort or pain. There is no definitive cause of RLS, but it’s most often attributed to a vitamin deficiency. 

The vitamin you will likely lack if you experience RLS is iron. You get iron from leafy greens, seeds, nuts, and wholegrains; you also get it from multivitamin tablets. You will not harm your body by taking in too much iron but it can help with a variety of issues including RLS and fatigue. 


The human body is a complex machine that has many working parts and requirements to keep it healthy and functioning. In the same way a machine needs oil and maintenance to perform its function, your body requires vitamins and nutrients. If your body doesn’t get enough of these vital components it will let you know with signs and symptoms that may seem strange at first. Don’t ignore these signs and symptoms, attend to them for optimal health.