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It’s not your imagination that summers have been hotter lately. In fact, the summer of 2020 was the hottest on record. While this doesn’t mean continual days in the 100s, it does mean steady warmth. So, you have to find different ways of keeping cool during the summer. You need suggestions that don’t cost a large sum of money. Here are a few of those ways.

Do Your Yard Work Early Or Late

No matter what part of the country you live in, performing yard work in the middle of the day is dangerous. With the sun and temperature at their highest, direct exposure leads to heat exhaustion, or worse, heatstroke. Truthfully, pulling weeds isn’t as important as your health. To keep cool, consider working in the yard in the early morning or late at night. The former is better for pulling weeds or fixing the flower bed because dew on the grass keeps the temperature down. Mowing is best done as the sun fades into the horizon.

Wear The Right Hat

Hats are extremely important during the summer. Direct heat on the top of your head leads to dizziness and other effects of heat exhaustion. On top of that, it causes a nasty sunburn that keeps your skin raw and warm for days. Therefore, you need to choose the right hat to keep cool. A baseball cap doesn’t cut it. Most of the time, it only protects one part of you. Plus, they are made of heavy materials that make you sweat. You want to look at a wide-brim hat. Preferably one made of a material that breathes easily. Ones made of bamboo have temperature-control features that add additional comfort beside the wide brim.

Dress Light

Cotton and denim are not the ways to go when dressing for the summer. For one thing, they’re heavy materials. For another, they aren’t breathable. So, the heat that builds up in them isn’t dissipated. You have to change your wardrobe as the temperatures rise. You want to look at clothing like Ibkul shirts. These types of blouses are made with moisture-wicking material. In other words, it helps maintain the item’s freshness while keeping you dry. Other materials do a similar thing. For instance, clothing made of bamboo has natural moisture-proof properties. Additionally, it has built-in thermoregulation. This helps keep you cool when it’s the opposite outside.

Eat Light

Yes, eating the wrong foods causes you to warm up. These aren’t simply spicy items. A lot of times they’re starchy foods or ones heavy in carbohydrates. Fatty foods and sugary treats not only increase a body’s temperature by dehydrating you in the process. During the hottest days and nights consider lighter fare. Lean meats, leafy salads, and fruit are great to have in the middle of the day or as the sun goes down. Not only do these alternatives keep you cool they also make you healthier.

Drink Water

Sure, it’s okay to have an ice-cold beer or soda every once in a while during the heat of the day. Yet, regardless if they contain some form of water, they do not quench a thirst. On the contrary, excessive alcohol or soda consumption in the summer leads to dehydration. Combat this by drinking water. Ice water is preferred; however, any form of H2O is fine. It quenches your thirst, keeps your temperature down, and maintains your health. If you don’t like the taste of plain water, then add a slice of citrus to it. There are also flavor packets available in several varieties.


As you see, sitting all day in front of the air conditioner isn’t the only way to keep cool during the summer. The items mentioned were utilized to defeat the heat of the season well before the first ice cube or AC was invented. They worked then, and they can work for you now. Needless to say, the best way to stay cool is to keep away from the hottest moments of the day. If you can’t do that, then try to find some shady areas when you can to cool off. Step inside an air-conditioned store or another environment if you start to feel ill.