There have been so many devastating ice and snow storms this winter that has led many to face their lives without power that they need to stay warm. If individuals do not have ample body heat, they may face health issues, however, such as hypothermia and frostbite which have devastating consequences. Certain pieces of clothing have the ability to keep you warm, however, throughout even the coldest of days when you layer them on over your body. Continue reading below to learn about five must-have pieces to combat the cold weather and keep yourself warm no matter the circumstances that you are in.

1. Long Underwear

It may seem funny, but long underwear can be a lifesaver against the fight of the cold weather and it should be your first layer against your skin. The piece can keep moisture away from your body which can make you colder over time, and it prevents the buildup of water on your body. You should make sure that this piece fits snug against your body so that it keeps you insulated and warm at any temperature. Men’s long underwear may be much thicker than women’s long underwear as well if you want to stay even warmer during the coldest temperatures.

2. Sweaters and Insulated Shirts

Sweaters and insulated shirts can also help to insulate your body and keep the warmth against you so that you lose as little as possible. You want these tops to fit snugly enough to so where they trap all air that is being created from your body so that you do not lose body heat. The material that is able to keep you the warmest is wool as it is great at trapping air and is very heavy. These sweaters are also able to absorb any moisture before it reaches your skin to make you colder.

3. Cold Pants

When you are in the extreme cold, you also want to have pants that can protect you against cold temperatures. Consider bib overalls or coveralls that are insulated and have enough protection against them to keep your legs warm under any circumstances. You can also consider jeans and other pants that are lined with wool or flannel material and can insulate you for up to three hours. These jeans and pants, if they get wet though, will take a long time to dry as they old on to any moisture that they receive.

4. Heavy Coats

You definitely need a heavy coat of some form if you are looking to survive the cold winter weather all season. Many individuals opt for a coat that is made of down material or is a parka that is bulky enough to retain the body heat. You want a coat that at least has several inches between its interior layer and outer layer to aid in this insulation that is required. You can also opt for a coat that acts as a wind barrier to protect you when a cold wind is roaring through your neighborhood.

5. Accessories

The final type of winter apparel to discuss is the winter accessories which are so necessary to your survival in the cold. Make sure you wear a beanie or some type of winter hat on your head to trap the heat that can escape from it. Wear gloves and a scarf to protect your face and to protect your hands when you are working outside or walking outside in the cold especially. Finally, wear wool socks or thick, waterproof socks to keep your feet warm and dry no matter what types of weather you are dealing with.

Final Thoughts

It is possible to keep yourself warm even if you do not have the electricity you need to produce heat in your home. Make sure that you are layered in warm clothing from head to toe in order to retain your body heat and ensure it does not escape. Wear clothing that does not hold on to moisture either so that it dries quickly and does not keep you colder for longer. Obtain some accessories, long underwear, wool socks, a heavy coat, overalls, and thick sweaters and shirts to keep yourself warm no matter your circumstances this winter.