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No matter which kind of business you run, marketing is incredibly important. To keep on driving leads and sales you’ve got to update your marketing strategy over time, always looking for new ways to keep things fresh. To improve your 2021 campaign, let’s consider some key marketing moves.

1 . Keep It Personal

Personalized marketing has been trending for some time, and in 2021 it’s going to be even more crucial. According to Forbes, ‘74% of customers feel frustrated when website content is not personalized.’ What’s more, ‘80% of consumers are more likely to purchase from a brand that provides personalized experiences.’ If your business would like to offer personalized marketing, consider the use of personalized emails, and product recommendations. Utilize customer surveys to gain insights, and create more personalized experiences. The more personalized your content is, the more likely you are to engage your audience.

2. Corporate Social Responsibility Strategies

CSR encourages brands to think about how they impact on society, whether it’s environmentally or socially. When you create a strong CSR strategy the idea is to support positive changes across society. From the environment to political unrest, customers care about social justice and philanthropic causes. The modern customer wants brands to show they care too. It’s important to reflect the values of your audience, and represent yourself as a socially responsible brand.

 3. Consider Reputation Management

Maintaining an excellent reputation is crucial, anything that damages your rep could lose your customers and status. To improve your reputation it’s important to have a solid PR and marketing strategy, to help you stand out from the crowd. Besides this, brands should seek to work with a good reputation management company. Removify offers some top services, they’ll remove negative content, monitor your reputation, and seek out positive reviews on your behalf. With services like this, it’s easy to maintain a great rep.

4. Data & Analytics Focus

To inform your marketing moves this year, it’s important to focus on data and analytics. With the help of data-driven marketing, brands can create targeted campaigns and ensure consistency on all social accounts. With the right analytics and insights, it’s easier to enhance the quality of your products and services. There are plenty of data and analytics software platforms you can use. Businesses should also focus on customer surveys, to gain useful feedback.

5. Keep An Eye On Your Competitors

Ensure that you keep a close eye on your competitors, assess their marketing moves, from their social media presence to their website content. If you want to set yourself apart, you’ve got to offer something more unique than what your competitors are producing. Evaluating the content of your competitors will help you to grow and make improvements.


With the help of these five marketing tips, you’ll perfect your strategy, and keep on growing your audience. Don’t forget to ask your staff for their feedback, they may have a few unique marketing ideas to support you further.