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Constructing your own house has many advantages over buying it. It ranges from lifestyle to financial freedom. It’s mostly better to develop a unique home that reflects on your lifestyle compared to purchasing it. Most property advertisement programs streamed on television tend to focus on the challenges that are related to constructing a house from the ground up. This comes together with the considerable costs attributed to the project once it nears completion. What the programs fail to shed some light on is the reason behind the owner’s decision to construct their houses from scratch.

There are a lot of benefits to be gained from constructing your own desired home. To help you make the decision of whether to move into this direction, we are going to discuss some of the reasons why you should consider building a home instead of purchasing it.

Standard, modern, and Energy efficient features can be incorporated

The most recent advancements on building systems and materials can be introduced into self-build projects right from the beginning. This can potentially improve on efficiency and reduce operating costs. Introducing some additional luxuries like under floor heating into already finished homes can be considerably challenging and costly. On the other hand, incorporating them into a building while in the process of construction can be way easier and cheaper.

Lower Costs

According to information from various construction firms, building your own home will potentially cost you up to 30% less than the actual cost of buying pre-built on the open market. There is also an additional saving opportunity as a result of stamp duty charged on the value of the land rather than the cost of the completed house. You also have the privilege of reclaiming the Value Added Tax (VAT) that’s paid on the human resource and material costs. Additionally, you can minimize the chances of having to spend more money than previously budgeted by working with a reputable construction company and having a clear contract at hand.

You Can Design a Home That Perfectly Suits Your Everyday Needs

You can make sure that the design favors your idea of a perfect home if you start from the ground up. You have the privilege of choosing any type of décor, fixtures and fittings that you like and your home can come out exactly as you wish it to. You can find excellent custom home builders in Bluffton SC or your particular locale who are enthusiastic in designing and constructing your personalized house. Your custom home will suit your style and also follow the architectural guidelines of the surrounding area. Find a company who utilizes the latest and most sophisticated 3D design software to help generate the initial blueprint to make sure that the client’s dreams are actualized articulately.

Newly Built Properties Have Stronger Resale Value

If you budget accordingly, a completed self-build home can be worth up to 20% more than the land and construction costs combined. Interested buyers usually pay a premium for one-off houses; this can translate to a 25% overhead on your property. A newly built property can sell for higher and sometimes a lot faster than other homes.

No Competition for the House

Some areas are more desirable to live in compared to others. Houses up for sale in likable areas are mostly sold within a very short period. If you happen to really like a house in one of these areas, you have a very small window to make a purchase. However, if you decide on building a home of your own, you can rest assured that the home is up for competition.

Better For The Environment

Older buildings have higher chances of containing asbestos, mold, or lead paint. New constructions can accommodate new materials that make the new house better for the environment. New building provides a unique opportunity to develop homes that are more efficient by abiding to recently established energy codes and guidelines for heating, cooling, ventilation, and air filtration. More efficiency is beneficial to the environment and can reduce expenditure on utility bills.


Features and money aside, constructing a home from the ground up can give you a level of satisfaction that can’t be reached through purchasing a pre-built house. You will definitely have an emotional connection to living in a house that you actively participated in its actualization. The most significant disadvantages of constructing a new home tend to be the longer time frame, which can sometimes turn costly depending on some unforeseen circumstances.

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