4 Ways to Stay Healthy Through COVID in 2021

Staying healthy during the pandemic has been a challenge for everyone at some point or another. Many people have been directly affected by the coronavirus, but the pandemic has changed everyone’s lives significantly. If you don’t have the opportunity to work from home and your children are still attending school in a traditional classroom setting, you may be more at risk for the virus. To keep you and your loved ones healthy, here are some important tips to keep in mind.

Strengthen Your Immune System

One of the best ways you can stay healthy during the pandemic is to make your immune system as strong as possible. Eat a healthy diet filled with fruits and vegetables, and try to consume whole grains instead of processed foods. Reduce the sugar in your diet as well as reduce inflammation and keep your immune system from being compromised. It’s essential to take in lots of vitamin C during this time as well. Citrus fruits make great snacks, and you can also eat them as a breakfast side dish. You may also want to purchase elderberry and zinc supplements for yourself and your family to shield your body from viruses and bacteria. Consuming teas that contain herbs like echinacea, peppermint, and chamomile can also boost your immune system. Essential oils like lavender, tea tree, and lemon balm can make your immune system stronger as well while boosting your mood.

Meditate and Practice Yoga

Yoga and meditation can lower your stress levels, help you manage your weight, and reduce anxiety and depression. This is extremely important during this unprecedented time. Meditating in the morning can help you manage your thoughts and emotions throughout the day, and can help you handle the pressures of your job, especially if you’re an essential worker. You can also practice yoga to improve your flexibility and to reduce the risk of heart disease and high blood pressure. You can engage in these practices alone or encourage your family to join you so that everyone in your household can experience the benefits.

Strengthen Your Relationships

Now that you’re sheltering in place with your family members, you may find that it’s harder to get things done, and finding time yourself may be next to impossible. However, you can use this time to strengthen your relationship with your loved ones. Schedule a family game night every week, or use conversation starter cards at the dinner table to get everyone talking. You and your family can also commit to exercising together daily or watching your favorite movies after dinner a few nights a week. These simple activities are especially beneficial during a time when you and your relatives are likely spending more time together than usual and are invading each other’s personal space more often than normal. Making your relationships stronger can also ease the tension and fear you may feel about the pandemic and remind you to be extra careful when you have to go in public.

Follow Social Distancing Mandates

While each state has slightly different rules when it comes to social distancing when it comes to certain businesses or public spaces, the CDC recommends wearing a mask any time you are outside of your home. You should also stand six feet apart from people in public spaces if you are not sheltering in place with these individuals. You should also wash your hands as often as possible, especially during the workday or when you leave a restaurant or grocery store. If you’re not able to wash your hands right away, make sure you have an alcohol-free hand sanitizer to remove germs and toxins from your hands. You can also clean the surfaces in your home with an anti-viral cleanser and wash your clothes with antibacterial detergent any time you return home from a public place. It is best to always remember your alcohol free hand sanitizer

Maintaining your health can be a challenge at any time, but COVID-19 has introduced certain obstacles that can not be avoided. However, there are still some ways you can make the most of every day while keeping your health intact. Making your wellbeing a priority can not only enrich your life, but it can set an example for your loved ones and ensure that you are healthy for them as well.