Tools for important home repairs.

Home repairs and regular maintenance should go hand in hand. Not everyone can be certain that the repairman got it right the first time. Other times, a manmade or natural disaster can happen at any time and reverse the work that was done. Here are the 4 most important repairs to maintain in your home.

HVAC Repairs

Heating and cooling systems are used often and sometimes nearly every day in some households. The air conditioner is one of the first systems in your home to break down. You are encouraged to replace your air filter once a month, but most people forget to perform this task. After you get HVAC repairs, it’s recommended that you schedule monthly maintenance to prevent any additional work.

Foundation Repairs

The soil underneath your home can change its structure at any moment. Your foundation is not guaranteed to remain stable and set in one place. Your home foundation needs repairs if you notice cracks on the walls or ceilings, disjointed doors and other structural problems.

Common foundation repairs are piling, slab jacking and sealing. Piling involves drilling concrete or steel piers several feet down into your foundation. The purpose is to make it more steady and immobile. The repair is supposed to be permanent, but after a storm, the soil could change and make the piers less effective. So, once-a-year maintenance for your foundation repairs is recommended.

Roof Repairs

Your roof suffers the worst onslaught of damages caused by heavy rains, hail, snow and ice. These damages cause leaks, missing shingles and the growth of indoor mold. After a severe storm or once a year, it’s ideal to check your roof for problems.

The gutter is the most important component to check on your roof. When the gutter fails, the exterior of your home floods, which damages the siding, foundation and basement. Then, you may need repairs for all three of the structures.

Plumbing Repairs

Every homeowner has one faulty plumbing fixture that needs a repair, whether it’s a leaky faucet, a clogged shower drain or a slow toilet. Some repairs need replacements and the help of additional plumbers. You need to constantly monitor the initial work of your plumber and prevent the fixture from being damaged again. Plumbing maintenance is recommended every six months if a handful of people use the bathroom every day.

Every home has problems that cannot be prevented but can be fixed easily. However, a repair from one professional may not last as long as one made by another type of professional. Regular maintenance is the only way to know for sure that their good skills were put to use.