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This year offers a chance to bring comfort and creativity to your living space. There are new design trends each year, and this year many trends rely on people spending more time indoors. Here are some home designs to look out for this year.

Rustic Vogue

This sophisticated take of cottagecore will be appealing, especially if you love a taste of modern comfort but also want to include some character details into your living space. It will work perfectly for your home if you already have exciting features like exposed beams, original floorboards, or paneled walls. You can incorporate reclaimed wood with unique pieces that show grain and texture rather than finished items.

Yellow and Gray

Pantone named illuminating and ultimate grey as the shades of the year 2021. These colors express a message of strength and hope that is uplifting and enduring. It also gives you more options for your home décor. Incorporating bright yellow elements will give your rooms a bit of life, and gray details add a nice geometric element.

House Plants and a Garden

Indoor plants are making a comeback in 2021, and having plants into your décor can help refresh your air and brighten your mood. You can use easy-to-care-for indoor plants in a vase or textured stoneware pot. For your outdoor space, you can add Zen-inspired garden details to make your home feel more serene. Interesting garden ideas include rock gardens and water features that have calm and peaceful vibes.

Multi-Functional Spaces

The pandemic regulations have more people staying at home, making you rethink how to use your rooms. You can have multi-functional spaces with one room serving more than one purpose. You can also have creative storage and design solutions to have your living room or dining room double as a workspace or home office.

The home office will require a minimalist and uncluttered set up to maximize the available space. It also needs to have clear lines, creative inspiration, and comfort by including patterned wallpaper and artwork. You can add a desk light for the style and clean-lined furniture that has space for work-from home-tools.


Your vintage theme can include repurposed, antique and retro pieces. The key is to use intense colors, favorite pieces, and a few vibrant hints cohesive aesthetic. You need to reference the look with some originality rather than blindly reproducing it. Building this scheme can take some time where you add items gradually until you achieve your final look. Hand-crafted items like cuckoo clocks would be an excellent addition to this theme.

Ocean Hues

Ocean blues colors can help you capture relaxing beach getaways. Aqua and inky blues are associated with peace, calm, and comfort. You can use varying tones from deep inky to soft aqua to reflect a tranquil home.

Earthly Tones

Natural and earthly colors are comforting and welcoming. They include deep reds, warm greens, slubby browns, and golden yellows. You can mix these colors in your beddings for a relaxing bedtime retreat.

Warm colors can feel cozy and welcoming on cold and hotter months. Colors like burnt oranges and peacock blues work well with darker colors like navy and grey while adding depth to a space. They also add a playful element in the cold winter months.

Global Influence

The global influence trend is inspired by earthly colors and warm, natural textures. It goes well with woven, wooden, and rattan home accessories. It also has a bold safari vibe inspired by wildlife and African plains. The key is to incorporate the aesthetic of global styles through creative and unique perspectives. This trend is becoming more popular, and people are choosing it over cooler greys.

Eco Chic

This trend integrates meaningful design and calming fabrics with your senses. It reaches out to your desire for well-being and spiritual connection through a commitment to sustainability. The color palette includes moss green, golden beige, earthy orange, and soft olive. The textures contain warm tones with a hint of craft. It appeals to your need to feel calm, grounded, and connected to nature through textile fabrics, understated furniture, and sustainable materials.

Making the most out of your space with these exciting trends will go a long way in improving your life since you may still have to stay indoors in 2021. These trends will transform your home by adding cozy yet luxurious themes all around.

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