As an expectant mother, you may come across many chemicals that may not harm your baby. However, prolonged exposure to large quantities of chemicals may put your baby at an increased risk of developing congenital diseases or future health ordeals. Exposure to some chemicals may enter your bloodstream and pass to your body through the placenta. The following are four chemicals you should stay away from when pregnant.


Most pesticides are known to affect the condition of a developing baby. In fact, some states such as California are prohibiting the use of certain pesticides that are commonly liked to brain damage in children. Some pesticides used in the home for professional pest treatment are considered safe for use. However, it is essential to avoid them entirely when you are pregnant. Exposure to pesticides increases your chances of having miscarriages, a child with congenital disabilities, or developing future health problems. Additionally, some pesticides can pass into breast milk.

If you cannot avoid working with pesticides, avoid applying pesticides directly, or ask someone else to handle them for you. Moreover, ensure you wear protective clothing to prevent contact with pesticides. In case a congenital disability occurs, contact a birth defect lawyer to determine if there is any relation between the defect and chemical exposure.

Cleaning Products

Although many cleaning products are deemed safe, most of them have been linked to birth defects, particularly bleach and oven cleaners. In case you are unable to avoid cleaning chemicals, wear rubber gloves and ensure the room is adequately ventilated. Occasional and indirect exposure is likely not to cause harm to your baby. Additionally, it would be best if you prefer using utterly natural cleaning products such as baking soda.

Paint Products

Most paint fumes are considered to be safe for use when you are pregnant, especially modern paint. However, you may increase the risks by using older paint or solvent-based paint since they could contain traces of lead. Instead, use water-solvent and spray paints but ensure the room is well ventilated.


Exposure to mercury can damage your health and increase the chances of developing brain damages and other birth defects in a developing baby. Some fish products contain quantities of mercury, such as swordfish, marlin, and broadbill. You should limit your consumption of these products or seek professional help in distinguishing safe products from toxic ones.

While it’s impossible to avoid all chemicals entirely at home, limiting your exposure to paint, mercury, cleaning products, and pesticides may help maintain your developing baby’s health.

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