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Staying fit has been very difficult recently! To get or stay strong in today’s world takes planning, but it doesn’t have to take all your time or even require you to leave the house. You will need to change up your daily activities so fitness can be the easiest choice.

Make Entertainment Part of Your Workout

If you have a favorite TV show, go ahead and watch from a comfy chair. When the commercials come on, instead of skipping over them, skip rope. Working out in short bursts is very good for your heart. Three minutes of jumping rope, skipping, or step aerobics will get your body moving and your cardio in without having to go for a 30-minute run. When your show comes back on, sit down and enjoy!

Create Fitness Zones for Every Activity

If you’re cooking, put on some great tunes and dance. Pop in a piece of sugarless gum and open a bottle of water to keep from snacking while prepping food. Keep dumbbells beside your microwave or near the coffee pot so you can do some curls while you wait, and do ten wall plank pushups each time you use the bathroom. Incorporate a fitness activity into everything you normally do.

For those working from home, now is the time to use a stability ball. If you’ve resisted getting one for your desk in the office because sitting on a ball in dress clothes is hazardous, your  home  Pework station offers you more flexibility. Additionally, if you take a beach towel and twirl it into a long rope, you can place that around the bottom of the stability ball to hold it steady. Sitting on the ball and tucking in your tummy is great for your core; falling off it is not. If you can keep your rolling range contained while sitting on the ball, you’ll still be able to focus on your work.

Change Your Eating Schedule

For those who are working from home, the daily schedule has likely gotten very tangled. If possible, consider moving from a schedule of breakfast, lunch, and dinner with a snack in between, change to fruit, brunch, and dinner. Functionally, this turns your first meal into natural sugars and fiber and pushes your protein and complex carbohydrate breakfast back just a couple of hours. You can still be satisfied while reducing your overall calorie intake.

Combine Food and Exercise

Many of us can make good choices in the morning but struggle as the day winds down. If you love a break at 3 in the afternoon but yearn for a little chocolate, pair it with walking the stairs, doing some lunges, or getting on your yoga mat to do some stretching. You can still have a treat, but it’s part of your set of at home workouts. Of course, after the treat and your exercise session, make sure you hydrate.

Make Life Difficult

If you need to get out to take care of errands, either walk to your destination, get off at an earlier stop or park in the hinterlands of your favorite grocery store. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Carry a basket instead of pushing a cart and put your biceps to work. Not only is this good for your body, but it can be great for your budget. If you don’t want it enough to carry it, maybe you don’t need it.

During your housework sessions, turn off your phone ringer and crank up the tunes. Invest in a few water bottles and load them with filtered water so they’re the first thing you see when you open the refrigerator. Spend your chore time burning calories and cleansing your body as you cleanse your house. When you’re done, treat yourself to a gentle yoga video, stretch out, and enjoy a long hot shower.

Boosting your activity level and improving your overall health is never easy, and the stress of recent events can push us to seek out comforting activities and foods. However, getting in shape can be done at home with the right tools in the right place. Do what it takes to create triggers that encourage you to be more active in everything you do. As you get more active, healthier food and beverage choices will become easier.