You get up, think about your day, and get dressed. This seems simple enough, yet sometimes, what you put on looks kind of bland. You need something that’ll help you pop and feel special, and to do that, you need to learn a few ways to spice up your outfit.

The Scarf

The scarf can do a lot for you, especially if you pick the right one. If your outfit is a little muted and you want it to pop, then choose a bold pattern or color. You could also choose a scarf that echoes some of the colors you’re wearing. You’re still going to stand out, and it’s going to look pretty stylish, but it won’t feel like you’re trying too hard. If you don’t have a lot of scarves, then go ahead and start collecting some because a good scarf can make an outfit.

The Hat

Depending on where you’re going, a hat could make your outfit stand out. There are many styles out there, from men’s dress hats to more casual styles like beanies or even cowboy hats. It may be a good idea to just purchase several styles you like so that you can spice up your outfit whenever necessary. If you’ve never purchased a hat, make sure you find out what your hat size is. All you have to do is measure the circumference of your head in inches to find out your hat size.

The Jewelry

The occasion matters when it comes to jewelry, but this is an effective way to improve your outfit. A little ring here or there or a perfectly placed bracelet can do a lot to change the overall look of your outfit. If you’re a little bold, you should choose conversation pieces; these pieces are a little more unique. A unique or special piece is going to help your outfit stand out, and it’ll give you a reason to talk.

The Watch

The watch is a good way to spice up your outfit. You just have to show your watch a little bit, so this will only work if your outfit doesn’t have long sleeves. A watch shouldn’t be too loud or complex. It should be simple yet elegant if you’re going somewhere a little more formal. Sport watches and other more rugged watches should be reserved for more relaxed outings.

The Socks

Okay, those who are a little bold might want to consider switching up their socks. Most people just use black or white socks. A few people out there go for darker-toned socks to be a little different, but if you want to stand out, you have to take things to the next level. This means choosing socks with bold, loud colors like yellow or even light blue. Of course, you could also just go ahead and not wear any socks at all. This only works if you’re wearing short or relatively short pants.

The Sunglasses

Sunglasses can make any outfit feel just right if you choose the right pair. Remember that there are many types of sunglasses out there. Choose something that feels right to you, but try to go out of your comfort zone a bit to see if something you didn’t think would work actually does. For example, if you’ve never tried circular sunglasses, then this is the perfect time to try them and vice versa.

The Vest

Vests are great, yet people don’t always wear them. They are so easy to wear and easy to match with different outfits. Of course, you should have a few of them in your closet so that you have a few to choose from, but they add a layer to your outfit that might put it over the finish line. Traditionally, vests are a little more formal, but they don’t have to be. You can wear them over something more casual as long as it looks good.

Hopefully, something here helps you feel better about your outfit. Try some or all of them until you see an outfit that feels right to you. Combinations can work; just make sure you don’t overdo it.