woman in gray tank top lying on bed

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Not being able to sleep is incredibly frustrating and results in fatigue, stress, and irritability. Avoiding it can be difficult, though, especially when you are stressed out in your daily life. If you are dreaming about a full eight-hour rest without a moment of interruption, then read on for seven tips. 

1. Drink Chamomile Tea 

Chamomile tea is a naturally relaxing beverage full of antioxidants. While reaping the health benefits from this stress-reducing drink, the warmth will soon have your head hitting the pillow.  

2. Replace Your Pillows

Don’t forget about where your head lays each night. If you’ve had the same pillows for many years, then you might have worn them down to the point they don’t provide the support you need. If your pillows are too flat or too hard, your neck will suffer, causing many sleepless nights. 

Pillows can be expensive, so use some Kohls Coupons for money off. You could even treat yourself to fresh sheets with the money saved! 

3. Limit Coffee Intake 

Too much caffeine throughout the day will have you tossing and turning once bedtime comes around. To avoid this, make sure you don’t drink any coffee after lunch, and don’t drink more than a couple of cups in the morning. 

For those coffee addicts, invest in some decaf so you can get your fix at least in taste. 

4. Keep a Routine 

If you go to bed at ten o’clock one night and then midnight the next, you will confuse your body, and when you next try to go to sleep at ten, you’ll find yourself lying awake. 

Make yourself a strict bedtime routine and stick to it, and your body will soon understand when it is time to sleep. 

5. Restrict Activities in Bed 

While watching TV in bed is comfortable, it will negatively impact your sleep. Keep your bed purely for sleep to ensure that your body knows as soon as you’re in it, it’s time to sleep. Otherwise, your brain might tell you it’s time for a film when really you want to get your eight hours in! 

6. Put Down the Electronics 

If you’re struggling to sleep, then scrolling through your phone too close to bedtime could be the culprit. Facebook, Instagram, and Tik Tok aren’t great nighttime activities, as the blue light will keep you awake. 

Switch your phone into night-mode at least an hour before bed, and make sure you put all electronics down at least fifteen minutes before you plan on hitting the pillow. Instead, you could read a book, listen to some relaxing music, or do some gentle yoga. 

7. Keep the Room Cool

Don’t blast the bedroom heating in the evening; it’s been found that sleeping in a cold room is much better for you. So, wear light clothes and keep the temperature low to avoid waking up in a sticky, sweaty state. 

When you haven’t slept properly in a while, the idea of a full night’s sleep can seem like a dream. Follow these seven handy sleeping tips to finally get the rest your body and mind deserve.